Gg aff lock

chugger go to bed


wtf man i dont even go here


Just delete warlocks at this point, maybe destro will still be viable, fun is not an option right now

if they delete warlocks then what about all the heckin cute draeneirinos


It isn’t.

All 3 specs are plenty viable.

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They could be doing more on Monday. Feral druid also got ignored, which idk why warr and ww would get help and not feral, so maybe something is brewing. We’ll see.

You must not be a true aff lock if youre not used to these kinds of feelings.

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feral is also fine people act like it doesn’t do 100k dps but it does ive watched tonyferal say feral is F tier and also 6-0 a SS lobby with ease doing 90k+ dps every round

So is warrior using that logic, but it got buffed.

Point is they directly said there is more coming Monday that is still in discussion, so idk if it’s time to complain just yet.

how many times u wake up sunday with jigly leg and think something is coming monday??? hehe

Only when they directly say it

hehe homie, u missed the whole joke, the point was waking up with jigly leg.

And this is why we don’t do drugs kids.

lmao alcohol isn’t a drug, its legal lmao

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Yes it is, and yes it is.

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“A medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.”

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qt i know its a drug i was just having fun.

Have you considered drunk posting on your main?

100% but like, my main can’t post till sept. so in a way. finders will always be my main. u can find me, always.

but like literally all the time homie.