Getting parried when positioned behind an enemy

Been playing more melee recently, and I’m wondering if this new client that released with the TBC pre-patch is different as far as what counts as being behind an enemy. Is it different?
It feels like I have to be way more close to mobs than original classic, and its a way smaller sweet-spot for actually counting as being behind an enemy.
Also its possible to be too close, while visually still being behind mobs, and get parried. I’m getting parries way more easily than I remember, having mained a fury warrior in vanilla classic.

Sounds rough.

I don’t have a link, but there’s a weakaura to display when you’re in the parry spot. Shouldn’t be hard to find it on wago. This could be a performance bandaid in the meantime.

It’s just spell batching, it happened in original TBC and thus is authentic.

Was removed, so not an excuse. Was playing my alliance rogue the other day and a cow druid I was paid to murder dodged backstab. It didn’t miss, and players cannot dodge from behind; thats supposed to be only an NPC thing, there are problems with this game engine. If there weren’t problems and people didn’t report we wouldn’t have the following pages of bug fixes.

TLDR, Don’t defend the “quality” of this product; its very poor.

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