Getting into Dragonflight: Catching Up at 70

Getting into Dragonflight: Catching Up at 70

If you have yet to dip your toes into the shores of the Dragon Isles or you’re bringing friends and allies back to Azeroth, we’ve put together this great catch-up guide for you!

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No loot or buffs? What is this nonsense?

Did y’all fix dungeon scaling yet on Chromie?

And as of Monday there was no way to start questing in the Dragon Isles until level 60, not 58. I looked all over for it at 58 since that was what was originally promised, to no avail.

" To make the trek to the Dragon Isles, players must own the new Dragonflight expansion and have a character at level 58 or higher."

(EDIT: This has now been corrected – thank you!)

Here’s the catch up guide blizzard doesn’t like to talk about;

Step 1: Buy a character boost
Step 2: Buy WoW tokens to buy carries/gear off the AH

There, you’re all caught up.


All that twitch drop stuff, easing restrictions on refer-a-friend and paying streamers to talk your game up and still not trending on twitter #Sad


Pandaria era is lit for leveling. Great dungeon layouts, great dungeon quests.

This was corrected to 60 in the article. It was missed in edits. Sorry about the confusion.


I can’t recommend this expansion to any of my friends. None of them are even interested in the game after shadowlands. I don’t even like this expansion.

I’m sure you put all the juicy stuff in the next content patch so guess I’ll wait for that?


An article about catching up…? Still no mention of the primeval essences at all. Restore the vendor please and thank you.

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Catching up? Bro the expansion came out like 2 weeks ago what in the world

Blizzard: Why do people rush to cap in a new expansion rather than enjoying the ride?

Also Blizzard: It’s two weeks into the new expansion, here’s how all you slackers that are behind can catch up.


To be fair it’s now 2 weeks since launch and if you’re still not at 70 you’re kinda behind

This will be useful when y’all allow Pandaren to be Warlocks and I’m leveling one. :smiling_imp: :panda_face:

Here you will learn the basics of your class and the fundamentals of interacting with the world you’ve become a part of.

I’ll believe that when you guys come up with a guide that explains to new players when to use Silence/Dispel/Stun.
That’s the basics.

i’d blame elon for that. His ideals dont align with blizz/the rest of the world. I mean he’s pro-putin. The moment it became official he took over all traces of the war vanished off the platform. It went from 9+ months of trending to… gone

Theres no way he’s going to let wow trend

I was more under the impression Elon was too busy trying to burn twitter to the ground to care what is actually on the platform xD

I just make comment on it because it’s obviously driving the devs nuts they aren’t getting recognition on their preferred social media platform.

After leveling BFA, Legion, WoD, and oldschool Cataclysm (Without heirlooms), I can honestly say Cata is the way to go.

BFA is a slug fest of quest with no real direction. It’s boring. The zones are far too long and EXP gain seems meh for the effort put in.

Legion locks you into a weapon. That’s fun and all except the weapon gets out-leveled by greens and blues from other areas despite the fact it’s a legendary that levels with you.

WoD is a nightmare of a place. Practically old school Vanilla style leveling. Awful EXP gains; long quests; mobs will murder you.

Cata Mount Hyjal storyline gives plenty of EXP, the quest are reasonably long, and you can wrap up an area without feeling empty.

Cata Azeroth is the same as before minus the constant gear upgrades.

Forcing new players through BFA seems like a mistake to me. It’s better to let them pick an area in Azeroth and just go to town. That way they get the original WoW experience and the satisfaction of finishing an area after 2-3 hours of gameplay.

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Leveled my last 60 mining.
This one is 46 to 52 doing the same.
Yes I did some quests.
Alt-Z look look mine…look mine.
Waiting for the 50% off sale.

Are miners allowed to play this game? I thought it was rated T

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