Getting HOA for SL prepatch as a new LVL 10 toon

Just created a new Level 10 toon and wanted to level in BFA…I can’t figure out how to get Heart since none of the quests to offer it are available to me. BFA is not available in ChromieTime. I even travelled to Silithus and tried to talk to Magni and I got nothing, at least the portal was there so I didn’t have to walk back. Any help would be appreciated.

i’m not sure the HOA is a thing anymore when you’re leveling post BFA

I just did BFA stuff for the first time (I started at level 45 since I just now got BFA with pre-patch) and I was able to get the heart very early… so IDK how it works if you’re actually leveling through BFA from level 10.

According to the hotfixes, you get it at 50 now… Kind of really sucks that way but…

Thanks for the info folks. I was afraid that level 50 was the answer. I will just level in CT then…have a good one.

I guess they didn’t want lvl 10s to be running around with a super high ilvl neck.

For the exact reason that you’re level 10, the heart of azeroth is now only available to you as a level 50 character, unless you’re being grandfathered with an existing 110-119 character.

I’m guessing that adding it as a scaling feature would have been too much work to make a good fit so they just picked the hamfisted solution that also required the least work.