Getting dominated by the same 4 druid twinks who spam 10-19 battlegrounds is great


So twinks didnt affect your leveling?


The only changes that will occur because of this is the way XP is allocated during a bg. I’ve seen this before and it never lasts long.

(Jugajr) #185

They don’t though if you are well equipped yourself. First couple of brackets have their own issues, but once you get to mid 30s the games were mostly fun.

(Meadamemnon) #186

rarely are they fun with a twink in them. I would generally do a bg if i got tired and bored and be reminded by twinks why i dont que. I have heirloom gear, i dont enchant or gem, i dont care about gear im going to get rid of 5-10 levels. I dont care about leveling gear because i dont care about leveling. I want to move as fast through as possible.

So for people like me, twinks not that big of issue, they are only big @$$holes.

(Jugajr) #187

So what’s so horrible about them if they are not a big issue for people like you?

(Meadamemnon) #188

Well first off they say they want competitive play, they want everyone to come in geared. Nah thats not what they really want, they just want to farm people who are lower level and ilvl than them. They want to 1 shot people. They are liars and @$$holes because of that fact. Its funny to read in other threads how they “spit out my coffee laughing” “couldnt stop laughing” at farming undergeared players when the workaround came out to leave bgs early. Their true colors really shined.

If blizzard said, you have XP off you cant BG but you CAN arena instead, since apparently they dont have the population to fill a bg but they are a “movement”, do you think they would? I doubt it.

Would I rather level through bgs? Sure I PvP almost exclusively and rather do PvP anytime over PvE. Are twinks worth the hassle. No they are not. So I dont care, i dont have to bg to level, I’ll never run into them at end game, they will not know how to counter play because they 1-2 shot prior to end game, so even if they do decide to levle to end game, they are of no consequence. On the other hand, especially after seeing their true colors, I have no sympathy or support for them. As a matter of fact, since their enjoyment comes from making it difficult for others at an unfair, noncompetitive level, I am all for screwing them over as much as possible, what ever blizz does to them is fine with me.

(Jugajr) #189

They did make BGs more competitive in the higher brackets. People said with twinks being gone, BGs would be better but they really aren’t.

I’m not a twink and I want that too. You have the slots for gear, so why not utilize them? Instead people are all about that exp.

One shots are a rarity, especially if you have up to date gear.

I wouldn’t want that either. BGs are where it’s at!

Enchanted heirlooms are technically unfair to those who don’t equip them. Such is life in the pvp scene, whether low level or max…

(Meadamemnon) #190

It was only competitive if twinks were on both sides, then twinks would carry against other twinks. Otherwise it was not competitive at all, whoever had the twink won.

I cant speak for everyone, but as a casual player, when leveling, when past the 10-19 bracket, all gear slots are filled with either heirlooms, or blues/greens. I dont see how this is difficult for anyone at all, i dont know how rampent the opposite is.

Not true at all, I have been 1-2 shot before in my heirloom/blue/green gear. I dont have gems or enchants because im just breezing through the bracket. It happens more than it doesnt when against a twink DPS. Versus a twink healer, you cant kill them.

Ok so let me get this straight, the community is large enough that you need thread after thread about this, you need to have your experience thought of and protected, but when given your own que its not large enough to get 20 people to form. So since its so small, you would be given arenas to use, since those are only 4-6 people in a match, and thats STILL not good enough. You are saying the only answer is to have you in the que with people casually leveling??? Yeah saying that only gives more evidence to want to grief. If you say that XP off bgs dont have the population to pop ques, then arenas would most certainly resolve that, but then you would say that you dont want arenas, why?

You miss read this entirely keywords, UNFAIR, NONCOMPETITIVE LEVEL. You can still enchant you heirloom gear, i dont care. But to combat the UNFAIR, NONCOMPETITIVE LEVEL that twinks operate on, they are moved over into their own que.

Also, STOP COMPARING END GAME PVP TO TWINK-LEVELING PVP, they are NOT the same. This is such a false equivalency its unreal to think you can try to make this argument on a logical level. First off, the real equivalency would be having end game pvpers in the 111-119 bracket. NOT ACTUAL END GAME. Why? Because at end game, both participants come into the game under the same intentions and agree to them. That is it is end game pvp, with end game gear. For Twink-Leveling though both participants do not come in under the same agreement. One side treats it like end game (gets BiS, enchants, gems) the other just wants casual play, casual break for questing/dungeons, and still gain XP at the same time as leveling. TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS. Let the 111-119s que into my 120 BGs, thats the real comparison because I have enchants, i have gems, I aim for BiS, optimized stats.

No rather they just want to 1-2 shot, which is non competitive. So screw them, let them quit the game they wont be missed.

(Jugajr) #191

I’ve seen players in the 70s with missing trinkets/rings and heirlooms which didn’t upgrade past level 60.

Twinks weren’t as common in the higher brackets, sometimes BGs had none but you would still have one class do crazy damage and people thought that was a twink. If you actually do BGs in the higher brackets and look people up, you’d see what you thought was a twink, was actually a leveler in enchanted heirlooms.

Enchants on heirlooms are a one time deal and can make a big difference.

The 19s/29s and 119s are large enough… everything in between is not.

I’m not comparing them at all. I said it’s still pvp whether max or low level. Just because it’s low level doesn’t mean people should slack off on gear

(Meadamemnon) #192

Again I dont know about missing, but if you talk about people in 70’s bracket that dont have 70’s gear but 60’s gear, that is a gearing issue. Gearing issues occur when you go for BiS. As a leveler, one can go brackets (yes plural), without seeing an upgrade. When you are trying to get through content as fast as possible, you will not get upgrades for every slot for every brackets when you need it. You dont get dungeon drops or skip longer quest chains that drop those items etc.

Without a doubt there are classes that do higher damage than others, the game is balanced around end game. But there are 119 Twinks which is a high bracket, I am sure there are plenty of twinks there.

Depends on the level of enchant you get and the level bracket you are in.

So whats the issue with having your own bg ques then? why are you in the XP on bg if thats the case?

Because its low level, and low level is considered leveling levels for a vast majority of players, you cant expect for people to stop leveling and ensure they have BiS slot gear before entering a bg que. Thats an unreasonable request made to justify your unreasonable expectations used as an excuse to hide the real reason you have a twink in the first place.

(Jugajr) #193

Well, I don’t have xp off so it’s not “mine.” But not every twink wants to bg just at 19/29 or 119, there are many different brackets in between, and 24 hours in a day.

Enchants scale with your heirlooms.

First off I don’t have a twink, and the gear I have took 2 minutes to get


What does it matter what they’re there for? This is an mmorpg where gear/stats and levels matter. It (used to be) a huge game where you could create your own ways to find fun. What makes you think what you’re saying makes any sense? Random words don’t make what somebody is doing inherently wrong or bad. Get off your high horse.

Stat templates were universally hated thus proving people don’t actually want that kind of game play. Even at max level you get a bunch of people at 90k health and another bunch of people at 200k+ health, there is a huge gear difference. Gear is a factor in WoW and you’re a liar if you say you don’t enjoy having it yourself. PvP participation in legion doesn’t lie.

(Meadamemnon) #195

Then twinking at those levels that dont get pops wont be a viable option.




Oh, i’m not high horsing it my dear. It’s the twinks that dodge around the simple fact they want to crush scrubs but say things like “It’s not to crush scrubs, no no, it’s because of community and unity

I know all about the gear/stats, as my main is somewhere in the 403-407 range depending on traits and stats i want.

I’m simply teasing them because they won’t admit their real motivations. I’d even have an inkling of respect for some that simply said “hey i spent this time and effort and gold to grief undergeared noobs and dominate through effort driven advantages

(Meadamemnon) #197

But its not a gear advantage that caused templates to not work. It was INABILITY to optimize, prioritize, and customize the secondary stats to YOUR playstyle. I play ele, some people like high crit aftershock earth shock build, some rather play a high haste LvB, echo of elements, ascendance build, Some prefer lightning and so on.

With templates as they were implemented, you had 1 build per spec, because you couldnt change secondary stats. If you could have changed secondary stats, PvP would have had higher participation and no one would have cared about gear outside of cosmetics.

You are skewing the real reason templates didnt work in your arguments favor.


You’re talking to hundreds of different people with differing views. Can you seriously not comprehend that?

(Meadamemnon) #199

Yet no one in the community will admit that they some want to grief and 1-2 shot. Its very naive to think that NO ONE in that community doesnt.


You’re trying to skew it. You have no statistics to prove that either one of us are right or wrong. There are how ever people that complained about both reasons for a fact. As I said to somebody else. There are many people with differing views. If you think only one of our reasons are one hundred percent the only purpose it was so low I don’t know what to tell you.


Nearly every twink posting on here as a plethora of motivations to twink other than the obvious- get an advantage on players. :yum:

I find it entertaining to tease them about their lack of honesty. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Cornstalker) #202

That’s a good point Pipi. Me personally I feel like the same topic over and over is really annoying without new ideas being found in them. It’s one thing to clog up General Discussion’s boards, but it would be nice if the blues would respond here more often to explain things to us and respond to people’s ideas on the pvp forums. I feel like they just scroll the BG forums and see nothing but twink posts so they just don’t even stab at it.

I think last night my head finally exploded after reading one too many twink posts rofl