Getting discouraged

Trying to hit 2k but can’t do it.

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I say lfg til you play with ppl that surprise you that they’re actually interrupting or ccing stuff that give you a sigh of relief you aren’t overextended to do so yourself

At least make that a baseline

And if you aren’t adapting to games and just approaching each match doing the same stuff and it isn’t working. Well start with yourself

You’re prob losing to mage/lock and rogue/mage x consistently so strategize around that

A lot of games vs them I’ve noticed is people pugging is extending the game by stopping stuff that doesn’t advance a win but just extending it instead

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Stream your games and review footage. Your winrate for 2s and 3s is higher than 50%, so you’re definitely pushing.

I don’t have advice specific for DHs, but try to find someone that you can q with that you know a lot about their class and vice versa.

Also, don’t get discouraged; keep grinding the games out and eventually you’ll make it there. If you hit walls, try to figure out what those walls are and how to address them.

The best comp so far with dh is dk dh with an rsham or mw. You can try war dh rsham as well.

What comps are you losing to? If it’s rmx and they go you, take rain from above during healer chain cc. An extra defensive to help you escape the rogue has incredible value.

If it’s locks, just line the dark soul then resume fighting. You could even go mana burn against locks to delay their casting.

Review which fights are going into dampening. Those fights see if you can squeeze mana burn into your rotation.

Two things here.

  1. Have you tried to get yourself some slappers off ra den and just been insanely unlucky? They are beyond ridiculous on DH. The damage speaks for itself and the 30% slow actually does account for something since DH doesn’t have slows. (Matters less in 3s if you’re teaming with a slow).

  2. You gotta look good to feel good and play good. That mog is a haphazard cluster of colors and textures that does not overly please the eye. Clean it up and watch the rating fly in.


Just like everything else in life… You won’t succeed as much as if you open yourself up to being more friendly/use your Social EQ and possibly raise it.

I’ve amassed a lithany of bnet friends over the years that are 2.4+ on the mains they play that were 1400 when I met them. If someone feels “not quite there yet, but close”… Just have fun with the game at 1800 and train together.

Unless you’re Blizzcon level, you won’t get a dime for being between 2k-3.1k anyways, why the rat race? Make a buddy or 10 and enjoy the grind to first glad than rank 1.

Gets old quick though, after 2 glads and graduating finance and being close to being a chartered financial analyst, I stick to just elite mog farming and getting the 2.1 enchant mog from the expac. I ain’t 15 anymore.

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Best advice :ok_hand:t2:

Hang in there. Just need one good sesh my guy.

I’m in the same boat. Keep pushing the good fight.

If you were horde I’d queue with you, but alas, you are blue.

A lot of good advice in this thread. It helps to keep an open mind and ask teammates what you could have done better after a loss/close game.

Hell, I had an 1800 Lock yell at me on my alt for not helping him avoid his grand delusions that killed him. I tried explaining to him why he shouldn’t wear over 40 corruption and how his teammates can’t help him in that situation. He responded by saying he wishes I get COVID

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i mean, did you deserve it?


totally jk <3

Im pretty new to the arena scene and not great at it yet, but one thing ive found to be immensely helpful is finding teammates that explain to you after a loss why it happened and how to fix it, regardless of who’s fault it was. Rather than yell at you because you missed a windsheer in the 5 seconds their 300k hp got trained sitting in the open.

Like someone else said above, my bnet list has been growing over the last couple weeks with great and very helpful players. Teammates’ and my own attitude has seemed to be, in my limited experience with arena so far, the number one factor to getting win streaks. Good luck!

gwen, bubalah, we forgetting dh ww?

Got heroic drest trinket with a socket to drop. Felt great. Queued a few more hours of DH/Ret/Monk 3s and dropped more rating.

That was very toxic, sorry you had to face that. I agree with asking after a loss/close game even the games that you won.

Don’t forget to compliment your teammates!

I mean dh ret is kind of a rough thing there. Neither of you have the ability to really lock down the target.

Ya dh/ret was only a thing last ssn because tank trinket cleave allowed ret to live long enough for the dh to oom healer

Hey brother, I stream often 2600+xp and cr bfa if you wanna have some tips and questions you can HMU on stream

I’ll watch your stream when you arena. I don’t know of many DH pov streams. It’s not a very complicated class which makes me feel like I can’t do much to help outside of darkness, reverse magic and stuns for peels sometimes. My games don’t Usually last long enough to go rift.