Getting difficult to keep folks interested - leading a raiding guild


You mean these documented undocumented nerfs?

Not the biggest nerfs the world has ever seen, but there were nerfs. Keep in mind, though, that players also received notable buffs at the same time such as the change to MP/5 that significantly buffed healers.


What sort of prep do you suggest? Farming consumables in the open world right now isn’t possible, or at least isn’t worth the amount of time it takes compared to the minimal return.

Dungeon grinding is great for making gold to help prepare for future raids if you’re one of the few classes who can do it solo/duo, otherwise the gold being split between everyone makes it barely worth it unless you’re farming and donating everything to the guild, which is all well and good until it suddenly feels like the game is just you working for someone else.

I’m in a casual guild but considered myself a pretty hardcore player until these last few weeks killed the efficiency of just about any farming methods outside instances. What more should I be doing to prepare for future raids outside of upgrading my gear via current raids and the occasional instance farm with my guild for mats?


Recruit more people, we have no issue keeping people interested, they show up for every raid and also play during the week. If your raiders are not interested in playing. Replace them with people who are. You cant allow your guild to be held hostage by people that refuse to play.

Even if you have cliques that will rip the guild apart if you replace their friend because he doesn’t play, it is better to cut out the rot now, rather than wait until BWL or AQ to have even more issues replacing them. Just be strategic about replacing them, do not get rid of all the cliques at once, just replace them as you can and do not stop recruiting until they are all gone.

If they are your friends they should understand why they are being replaced, they are not being good friends and players by holding your guild hostage.


Exactly. Dislodging a gank squad is impractical and a waste of time.

It can be done, but then what? You gain nothing by staying there, and they can go somewhere else and come back later.

The Vanilla Honor system is downright horrible. Level 48’s in greens worth as much honor as 60’s in full epics. No incentive for raid vs raid battles, weird contribution algorithm that gives huge advantages to mages. Honor DR which makes prolonged fighting a waste of time and encourages flight point camping.


p3 won’t solve pvp server issues.
here’s why:
From my exp during Vanilla on a Normal server during the ‘p2’ phase,
We normally fought TM/SS + defending Horde leaders from Ally raids, it was the honor grind, and we had an Alliance dom server. When p3 hit, the BGs were not accesible in the cities, you had to go to the BG itself and sign up. Both ally and Horde would always be waiting for you to sign up there, not the BG.
Why? you’re worth more honor.
BGs are good and all, they had medals, and while we Que’d for them, we would immediately run to the other sides BG and attack. This was a Normal server, what do you think will occur on a Gank server?
Also there’s the population numbers, if indeed one faction outnumbers the other faction, the FP camping will not stop as that honor will be greater than anything BGs give. Esp AV and WSG turtles.
So Blizz says ok, we will do city BG Ques. The other faction will increase their camping of your FPs…because as more of you log in to Que for BGs, they know you are there, and will find you.
The honor grind is a viscious thing, and has to be kept fed. BGs are not going to feed it on unbalanced servers.
You are asking for it to be much worse…
oh wait they are giving you that wish, lol.


Raid logging will always be a thing in classic. tbh it’s a good thing cause it helps prevent burn out. And let me tell you when a player decides to take a break from the game, 95% of the time it’s because of burn out. No matter what reasons they think it is.


Faerlina Alliance lost people. My guild activity on a large guild, has dropped since two weeks ago.
Cities less busy, alting seems wayyyy down since pre phase two. Ymmv. I took a tour this weekend before going back to a mellow, steady PvE server.


Oh christ I hadn’t even thought about this.

With the hugr disparity between horde and alliance as far as interest in pvp goes, amd BGs being xrealm, I see large horde raids camping the hell out of the alliance queuemasters while they wait on their long queues between BG’s to max out that honor.

This isn’t getting better for a LONG time.


They are probably leveling alts on another server as well.

(Felshout) #30

vanilla was the same way, most guilds never tried anything past BWL and ZG


Then they don’t want to play Classic! Vanilla waited months and months before content was released and we were perfectly fine with it, if you and your Ilk of ZOOMERS can’t find something to do leave and go back to quick LFR stand in the city and get auto teleported all over the world free epic drops in retail!


We’ve had a handful of players outright altf4 and not log in for weeks now. Their reason? “It’s not fun and it’s a waste of time.” - constantly being ganked, taking 50 minutes to get from (Flight Path) to (Dungeon).

I don’t blame them. It’s not fun.

As alliance, you’re not even able to play the game. Living a city is an effort in suicide, and even being in a major city is not a safe haven. It’s absurd.

If I had known that PvP servers were going to be this way, I’d have never rolled on one. It wasn’t this bad a couple months ago, but with the population going down a bit, and most servers being extremely horde dominant (we’re talking like, 60/40 or WORSE) it’s just impossible to play.

I’m not enjoying the game anymore. I only log in to raid. 27 days on my sub and sadly, I don’t think I’m going to renew. Unless I can get a free transfer to a PvE realm or something.


And it is far too easy to get locked into the mindset of “OK, we’re on our weekly lockout for Ragnaros and Ony, nothing to do now” instead of thinking about new things to occupy their time. All of these things can play into raiding, as well.

Leveling alts? That gives you more options when you are raiding later on. And if you’re leveling in a group, that makes it easier for some classes (like warriors) to break through certain bottlenecks. The Four Horseman fight in Naxx will be much easier if you have plenty of warriors, even if some of them are alts.

City raids and TM vs SS? Get on discord, and do it in a raid group. Practice your coordination and fight against a variety of threats. Do it as a guild, and it is something that you can practice regardless of raid lockouts.

AQ War effort? Lots of mats needed to unlock AQ when it eventually drops. Sure, you can’t work on the Scepter until later, but the list of supplies the factions need to drum up are a known quantity, and can be farmed now.

Argent Dawn? Higher you get that rep, the less expensive attuning to Naxx will be. Arcane Crystals currently run about 45-50 gold on my server’s AH, so the fewer of them you need per character to get into Naxx, the better.

BIS list? There’s plenty of items on the BIS lists that aren’t in raids, especially if you’re looking at P1 and P2 pre-raid gear. Working on those is something you can do while seeing whether you get lucky in the weekly raid.

Professions? Making consumables for yourself and the guild is a big deal for raiding, and can really drive down expenses. Some recipes can only be found in dungeons, if not raids, and some items can only be crafted inside dungeons. That’s more content for your guild to do between raids.


Same thing happened back in vanilla - login - farm mats - raid - logout - repeat next raid day

You have to engage people by maybe having weekly type guild events. Maybe trivia, musical chairs (GROYUP PVP) etc. If you give people incentive to login, they will. But like ive said before. In Classic wow there really wasnt much else to do if you are not a raider.


Meh. Most of my guild as horde only raid log now. Open world PvP is bad and everyone has most of their pre raid BiS gear and only needs raid gear. No real reason to log in anymore except to raid. I love Classic but once you get geared there is no content really. Battlegrounds will help for sure, but I don’t think it will cause most people to play all that much more.


To clarify -

My server is alliance favored, however it’s an rppvp server. Emphasis on the rp. Alliance on rp actually rp, and spend much more time doing pve oriented stuff. So in reality, the pvp balance is very even on our server. Even so, it is no longer worth it for our members to log in.

I can only imagine how bad it is for other servers, where the horde vastly outnumber the alliance.

Nevertheless, my post only partly talked about pvp. There still is not much pve content to be had. Adding bwl to the list would at least give us one more raid night to keep people interested. I can’t keep convincing people to keep their subs running while they play 4 nights a month (since we are clearing Mc easily in one sitting, and once you have your tier 2 helm there isn’t much more incentive to do ony for a lot of classes )


and also because we are now used to encounter with a bajillion mecanic on top of tough DPS/HPS check + movement… so when the game present us with a glorified tank-and-spank it doesn’t take much effort to get it down.

well, that’s assuming you’ve raided on retail… I’ve seen previous ‘‘big shot in 2004’’ have trouble dispelling people…


moronic responses like this got old a month ago.


from the thread you quoted:

Molten Core

  • Garr will now lose his enrage buff when he leaves combat.
  • Majordomo Executus will now make the Flamewaker Healers immune to polymorph at the appropriate time, even after failed attempts.
  • Sons of Flame now despawn when everyone wipes.

Patch 1.10.0 28 March 2006

  • Molten Core
  • You no longer charge into the lava when charging Ragnaros.

… that’s it for molten core.

oh, and the attunement quest cause putting an instance portal inside an instance portal resulted in an unbelievably buggy mess blizz has never been able to fix.

I’m not sure on which side of the argument you’re on… cause these change don’t mean much really.


If you’re leading a raiding guild and people are logging in for raids, I fail to see the problem?