Getting difficult to keep folks interested - leading a raiding guild

Raiding guild with members only logging in for raids… Whats the problem?
You also gotta take into account most of you guys probably took time off work, neglected family, neglected health just to get to 60 and get geared. Believe it or not if you all are this far ahead, you are not playing at a casual pace. They have time now to breath and enjoy whatever the like to do instead of spending 5+ hours everyday playing the game. Some people cant keep up that kind of pace. Hell raiding now is a garunteed 3+ hours ontop of fighting through the horde that just want to pvp.

Or, and stay with me here.
We’re playing the patch 1.2 game on patch 1.12 where half of elites aren’t elite anymore and the raids have 30% less hp and damage???

No everyone didn’t suddenly become super sayans

Oooor, they could take their time and you know, make adjustments so the future content is not as faceroll.

Damn, another thread full of people who should have rolled PvE…
Will it ever end?!

I believe the title to this thread is misleading.

It reads like your guild has nothing to do and people are bored. But the meat of your post is more PvP complaining, just like the other 100 threads about it.

This is a defeatist attitude other alliance players have been talking about on here. If every alliance already feels defeated before they even do it then ofc they will continue to win. It’s getting to a point on Faerlina that Horde in groups of 10 are coming to Ironforge and hardly anyone is coming outside to fight them lol. The alliance on here don’t care and rather just sit in town doing nothing. Alliance are way worse than they use to be and retail has soften a lot of players on world pvp.


I was co-GM and raid lead in a raiding guild before I went back to retail cause classic got boring. Rag and Ony were down for us in week 1 of October.

Churn exists. The recruitment boss is real. Accept it and deal with it. Some players are going to quit and you’re going to fill the gaps or not raid.

You are a majority faction on your server. Coordinate your guild, force people to run engineering, run PvP events. If the Horde rallies, you need to rally harder.

There will be no magically content blessing that provides players with more gameplay at 60. The War Effort is the only content coming that affects most players outside of raiding. You need to make your guild events and social scene good, because at this point, no content patch will save the game or your guild. There’s not going to be a big 8.2-esque patch that introduces hundreds of hours of play at 60. The game we have now is the game you’re going to play. People will quit because they run out of stuff to do outside of raid, and farming consumables for raid gets old. If players are bored of the current game, they won’t be amazed by phase 3-6.

You basically just need to bootstrap up and make your guild a thriving social ecosystem, or your guild will die. Classic has finite content, and not everyone is interested in participating in raid content as their primary mode of play. There will be a lot of more solo and small group oriented players quitting the game.

The issues with p2 won’t be adressed with battlegrounds. The servers have a sky high limit, and the biggest issue with that is that the endgame zones are not designed for that kind of capacity. Sure, a lot of the grinders will migrate to BGs, but the sheer amount of griefing, camping, and crying WILL NOT STOP with the release of battlegrounds. Layers are gone, and many servers are playing with 5k+ concurant, when Vanilla WoW was designed for a 2.5k cap.

Again, rally and make social events. Make your guild something people want to participate in. Classic WoW has VERY finite content compared to a game like retail, and it demands social participation and imergant peer to peer gameplay to make up for that. Classic is pretty Sandboxy, go make a sand castle or something.

Things have slowed a bit on my server/guild but I don’t think it’s the PVP and ganking. I think it’s just a lack of content right now. Some of us already have our BIS (or at least pre-BIS) and have no reason to run dungeons right now because we don’t need anything from there.

There are other interesting games on the market right now and people may be playing those…

I don’t think Classic is “dying” but there is just a bit of a content drought right now. Farming and PvP is really the only things to do now between raids. Besides leveling alts, but not everyone is into that.

I think once P3 hits, once we have BWL and ZG and several BGs to keep people occupied things will pick up. For now, just chill, enjoy the holidays, and know more stuff is coming.

All of this is OK.

As far as pve content, I’m realizing that my vanilla guild taking a year to get its act together was a blessing in disguise.

For one thing, ZG takes as long as MC, and back then it reset every 3 days. Then, we knew that once we’d ground MC to powder that BWL was up next.

Might have been tough if MC has been all there was.

When does it ease up? I personally quit because there’s absolutely nothing to do besides raid at 60 at this point.

Phase 3 has battlegrounds, which might last a couple weeks, most players will hit an honor wall and quit playing those regularly. There’s more raid releases, which don’t fix the issue of raid logging, and the only real baseline 60 content ever being released is the War Effort.

I don’t think classic has a content drought, it’s more that classic endgame really doesn’t have much to do at all and people are just finishing the game.

How do you suggest they prep? The open world is not feasible for solo players at the moment, making any kind of attempts at mat stockpiling horribly inefficient.

Yeah, we know, Blizz is intentionally killing classic in order to 1) told you so 2) protect retail.

Don’t renew your sub, pray for a fast collapse and maybe, just maybe, private servers can someday run again. It’s really the only hope for a long term enjoyable classic experience.

Blizzard, unfortunately, is not up to the challenge, or are unwilling.

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When I played Vanilla I started a bit late, probably about 3 or 4 months after launch. So, there were BG’s (WSG and AV) and AB and ZG both launched while I was still leveling to 60. By the time I was 60 and getting gear in Strat/Scholo/BRS people were farming MC/Ony and BWL and ZG were still relatively new.

There was tons of stuff to do between 40-man raids. ZG is on a much shorter reset schedule, so it could be run every 3 days and was often PUGd. So, mostly I farmed BG between raids and did ZG whenever it was up. Same thing with AQ20 once that’s available.

By the time AQ opened there were still tons of people playing and even many fresh 60’s. Again, there is a drought of content right now but that will change. Enjoy the downtime, play another game, go outside, do whatever.

Come back to Classic when new content drops. Personally, I like the idea of farming up mats for the AQ gates ahead of time and storing them up on bank alts until they are needed…

I’ts faster for players who already know the content. Also the questie addon makes it easier to find quest objectives. I don’t recall this being available 15 years ago. I do remember spending a great deal more time in Vanilla seeking out quest objectives. No sparkles, no clue, just explore till you find 'em.

Also, some people are in some sort of race, I guess, so they’ve gobbled up content like locusts.

Blizzard doesn’t need to do anything except fix genuine bugs at this point. The release schedule will coincide with the great majority of veteran Vanilla players who are taking their time.

As far as PvP is concerned, BGs will alleviate a lot of the griefing/ganking but not all of it. Only a PvE server will remedy your leveling experience.

That just doesn’t sound like a lot of content. It’s the same stuff we’re doing now, just different dungeons.

MC RN is log in at raid time, farm raid materials, log off. When BWL comes out, log in for raid, farm raid mats, log off. When ZG comes out, log in for raid, farm raid mats, log off. As somebody not so interested in alts, there’s just not very much vertical progression to be made outside of raid or professions, and I don’t see that changing with any of the patches.

Sure, the dungeons are different, and 20 mans add a lot to the game and the experience, but I don’t see how it alters the play patterns that I’ve already gotten bored of. Any given patch is going to drop a raid and some quests surrounding the raid, without much more. I just fail to see how any of the patches could draw in a player who has quit, because it just seems like more of the same is going to be released.

OK, so it sounds like you’ve made your mind up. You’re bored of the game. That’s OK, nothing wrong with that. Go play something else and consider coming back when new content comes out. Fortunately there is a metric crapton of other games out there you can play. I heard Outer Worlds is good, or maybe Disco Elysium if you like a more old school kind of RPG.

I don’t know what else to tell you. Cheers and GL!!

I mean, this is a valid argument if you’re saying this won’t make the FP’s safe for spontaneous solo travel. But if you think of it as a war you’ve accomplished plenty.

  1. Dead Horde (or Alliance on some servers, but ima just say Horde). Lamentations, women, the works.
    2-5. Dead Horde, and not just any, but the most annoying gankers or “dedicated PvPers” as your perspective may be. Sweet revenge.

  2. A boost in your faction’s morale due to dead Horde.

  3. Honor due to same

  4. Something for your guild to do on non- raid nights. Presumably, people who rolled PvP enjoy killing the enemy.

  5. You can put out an alert to anyone who wants to travel to those locations that there’s not going to be a better time to do so. Even somebody determined to corpse drag to BRD would get there faster if they didn’t get ganked in

  6. Sooner or later, the chance of falling victim to this kind of thing has to factor into the honor farmer’s calculations. How many times do you have to get stomped and camped at a random FP before it actually would have been more efficient to just go Zerg SS/TM?

The fact is all of the raids in classic required tuning to make up for the fact that the average gamer is more skilled than they were decades ago. But believe me, the average gamer is still pretty bad at the game and struggles to apply information appropriately. All most players end up doing is copying what they’re told to do and don’t know how think for themselves. The best players will continue to push the limits of the game and aren’t afraid to get creative. Good players also knew classic was going to be a cake walk experience.

The tuning for the raids doesn’t even need to be complicated. Just give bosses more health and have them deal greater raid wide damage. Maybe add an additional mechanic to the bosses at the end of the raids.


BWL is going to be just as easy as MC. Most guilds will not have any problems with it as they’ve had ample time to gear up in MC/ONY.

Aq40 is going to be just as easy, outside of a few bosses.

Naxx will be pretty darn easy outside of a few bosses. We have too much time to prepare for it to be challenging.

BTW, BWL isn’t coming out until at least February if not later, so you better ready up for the long haul. There is no way it comes out in January alongside a new content update for retail.

-Lava Surgers no longer respawn once you kill Garr.
-Ragnaros now stays up 2 hours rather than 1 after being summoned.
-The eruptions from the lava in Ragnaros's Lair will now always happen while Ragnaros is in combat. However, these lava eruptions occur less frequently, do less damage, and the damage they inflict is now resistible.

You missed a couple. Like I said, not huge nerfs but still nerfs.

The comment was “there are no documented nerfs”. I was simply providing the documented nerfs. I’m honestly neutral in this argument.

I mean, half of what I linked are not nerf but bug fix ( aka the boss not reseting after a wipe).

rag staying up for 2 hour instead of 1 is completely irrelevant when people one-shot him, as is lava surger not respawning when garr die ( if you clear MC in 1 night, as most do)

and this particular gem :

The eruptions from the lava in Ragnaros’s Lair will now always happen while Ragnaros is in combat. However, these lava eruptions occur less frequently, do less damage, and the damage they inflict is now resistible.

rag had a 50-50 chance to not do any lava eruption, ever, making the fight even easier.

it’s not because it’s in the patch that it’s a nerf.

it’s like the legendary c’thun ‘nerf’ … making sure the tentacle spawn somewhere they can be targetted and killed isn’t a nerf. having tentacle spawn inside the stomach where they can attack you, but you can’t attack them… that’s a bugged fight, period.

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