Getting difficult to keep folks interested - leading a raiding guild


Hi there,

I’m the guild leader of a raiding guild, and I’ve noticed the past few weeks (really since phase 2 launched) that our members are only logging in to raid.

I’m on a PvP server, so Phase 2 has essentially ground all alt leveling a halt.

We are a ‘casual’ raiding guild, and already have rag on farm. (I know some guilds have had him on farm for months, but point being is that I have to believe we are ‘average’ players from a progression stand point)

It used to be folks would log in to see what sort of dungeon they could help other guildies with, but now the headache of getting ganked everywhere you go has driven most folks to just not even log in except to raid.

Honestly, I can’t blame them. Having every flightmaster outside of IF camped by 10 horde gets old pretty quick.

Phase 3 can’t get here fast enough.

The content is much easier than Blizzard anticipated. Maybe due to add ons and information share, maybe due to years of private server experience. Who knows. Either way, the progression is much faster than I anticipated for sure. Blizzard desperately needs to expedite their content release.


Maybe you should, I dunno, organize a PvP raid and help your faction out once a week or something?

Edit: what the heck…you’re posting on a Deviate Delight toon, a server that is actually Alliance favoured and players complain about lack of Horde?


How about a counter gank raid? 5 pallies fly in first. Get ganked by 10 horde. Bubble. 10s later the rest of the raid lands and slaughters the gankers.


Yeah, your 40 bodies will do well against the 160 that were already randomly in the zone because they outnumber you 4:1


Cool, you killed them for ten minute until full DR and you leave. Then they resume ganking. When they get tired another group shows up. Repeat 24 hours a day.


It’s due to the 1.12 and immediately prior nerfs to rag and ony that happened in the last 3-4 patches of vanilla.


Thats the sad truth OP. I noticed myself that I’ve started to raid log only. The game is unplayable for me. My main is quite geared already, I’d like to do dungeons now and then and help out other people but it is just too much of a trouble and waste of time to reach the dungeon.
My alt is 42 lvl and there is no way to level it at all except in dungeons (which I don’t like, I prefer doing the questlines). But even if I dungeon level I have to spend 1 hour getting to the dungeon.
The faction imbalance is the problem, makes people logout and quit


The undocumented nerfs that never happened? The only nerf they received was 16 debuff slots which was enough for even the most casual of guilds to nuke them.

OP: The content releases are fine the way they are and this si coming from someone who cleared the content about a month in and has been farming molten bore for the last 2 months. Theres no problems with people raid logging for now, once more content hits then they will be back.


lol, last time we did this horde responded with double if not triple the numbers and camped folks for a good hour.

re: OP – ive noticed this as well. most people raid log. i only see 8-12 with any regularity on non-raid nights.


Just like the old times :smiley:


I’m on your server, and the alliance significantly outnumbers us. If you go to Winterspring you will find between 7-12 of your buddies killing people in town. The guards cannot save you.

Gadgetgan is much, much worse. You’re dead upon landing, despite being an honorless kill.

You have the numerical advantage on our server. The thing is…we won’t go quietly into the night. We fight back. We aren’t easy kills. We organized, and started employing the same tactics that were crushing our morale.

If you can’t handle the weaker faction on your server fighting back, then you are absolutely an example of someone who shouldn’t have rolled on a PvP server complaining about it. I get ganked all the time. Pretty much every time I leave UC.

But you know what? I take some of you bastards with me. I’m glad to hear it’s taking a toll. For the horde!


You play on DD mate. DD is actually one of the servers where the PvP is as its supposed to for a server this size. There is gankers everywhere, as there is no bgs and everyone wants to rank.

I can promise you, on your server you atleast can fight back vs the deathball. I do not wanna say you dont get ganked, but thats just the nature of things with phase 2. Nothing on DD comes close to the “full” servers like incendius or the majorly imbalanced servers like Skeram.

DD is as perfect as it gets as a PvP server and the issues there do not stem from the overpop issue that most other servers face.


Not going to lie I’m raid logging until bgs to hit them hard and not burnout.


Suggestion on what to do:

  1. Level alts
  2. Organize city raids
  3. TM vs SS
  4. Start prepping mats for the AQ war effort
  5. Get that Argent Dawn rep up
  6. Get BIS in everything
  7. Get your profession recipe lists completed


OP is from a medium pop, Alliance favoured server. And yet, he’s whining about Horde. It’s really just ridiculous, honestly.


They are well documented. You are simply ignorant.


Try putting on your robes and wizard hats and playing virtual harry potter you roleplay nerds


You’re on Deviate Delight. Fight back or move to a PvE server.


What? This is a raiding guild sitting in the middle of P2. Not an aimless casual on launch week.


Sounds like a casual guild if they are only logging in to raid now instead of prepping for BWL and AQ.