Getting Close?

Summer is almost here & we are all getting excited about Classic, but when will Blizzard announce?
I think they will probably do it at E3 on June 11th. That would be the most likely scenario. That said: I don’t want them to push the game at all if they are not ready.
I would rather wait until the end of summer to get the best version possible. I want everything to be right & not rushed.

Honestly i didn’t even think about E3. Has blizzard honestly ever really done anything with them? It would be pretty cool if they’d at least say something during the event.

That seems late for a release date announcement. Unless it ends up being really late summer, like Early-Mid September.

I’m in the same club with people who would like more notice as there’s a limited time frame in which to ask for vacation time. :wink:

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Makes me think we will be able to play during the summer but not as late as mid September.

Man, I haven’t followed E3 in years. I’ve really fallen out of touch with just about everything video games related outside of the few select static games I play like the curmudgeon-y 29 year-old fossil I am.

Im thinking we get the date atleast 3 months in advance.

July 16th seems to be the guesstimate for a good majority so that means we’re getting a release date this upcoming tuesday if my three month notice holds up

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Bellular came out with a video suggesting that 8.2 will arrive in July. So would they release Classic and new raid content at the same time?

I think that would be that smartest thing they could do.

If they were to wait for a content drought I think we’d either get it really soon or well after we’d be having a classic summer

It would be one way to reduce the people playing classic at launch.

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Aww, now you done gone and did it. Mass depression from the J16 crowd if they don’t announce next week.

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SMH; I will be 53 when summer hits.

losing will to play other games . . . classic plz save me

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True, we will be better off if only the Hardcore players start it. I know there will be a lot of casuals coming on to try it out & then leaving, I just want to keep that to a minimum.

I’m thinking sometime in May we’ll get the release date.