Get the Wondrous Wavewhisker Mount with the Purchase of a 6-Month Subscription

YEP! It’s 135% swim speed in the water!

This fish is gorgeous. It’s land, air and water movement speed increase!


Same issue here. I bought the annual pass yet no mount


It will arrive eventually. I am on the 12-month and received it.

Keep an eye out on your Bnet client for the gift icon.

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The /mountspecial is neat too. Coolest subscription mount yet, imo.


Keep in mind that it shows up at the top of the Battlenet desktop app as a gift icon that you have to claim. Then you go in game and open the gift box to collect it.

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Are you sure about that?


Not there either though


Don’t forget, swim speed is usually 67%.

It can take up to 24 hours, I think? I just wanted to make sure people checked there.


Oh good this means,the islands! :smiley:

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IDK what addon that is, but I am still skeptical, doesn’t feel like 135% at all.

::EDIT:: found the addon - DejaCharacterStats

Skeptical of what, exactly? And yep! DejaCharacterStats is great.

So, it’s faster than the Otters in water and can fly? Huh.

I have to admit this is a very very cool mount. My one request is for the little pet to be in retail as well as wrath.



I recommend everyone get this mount - it’s brings extreme luck to everything you do in the game!


I was right to be skeptical, that addon is NOT accurate, my flying speed in Org is not 420%, and everyone knows top flying speed is 310% in the old worlds. (Everywhere except Dragonland atm.)

Just went to collect mine and have to say I really like it. The movement is smooth and not that wiggle back and forth across the screen the Pandaren serpents do. I too wish the pet was on retail, but at least I’ve some classic accounts that can call up the pet whenever I feel the urge to play there.

Edit: I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the burbling whinny the mount makes. It’s kind of cute as well and not annoying as some mounts can be (looking at you, drakes).

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I usually pay with gold but this fish is tempting.

I’m impressed that you can even get a chance to kill that thing. It’s always crowded by farmers and dies so fast.

Does this mean we are expecting something ocean/water related. I’m all for that

:ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon:


It’s 310% of the base speed. You need to do the math on it. That’s what DejaCharacterStats does: the math.

It’s not wrong. 100% faster swim speed is 135%, as base swim speed is 67%. It’s twice the swim speed. So it’s adding 100% of that swim speed to the base swim speed.