Get Sunfire to Feral too

Its about time you let them use it also.

Dont open the path to Sunfire for all spec if you can’t reward it for all spec. Turn Lunar Inspiration to Astral Inspiration instead. And let the feral druid who picked Sunfire the option to cast both moonfire and Sunfire in cat form for 30 energy


AGREED, not to mention Feral tree feels uncomplete & why is MOONFIRE in the AOE section to grab!!!


Please no.


Why you agains it. I mean it could give a great AoE dmg for feral who would like to go into that direction. Also its stupid to open its path to all if its still locked behind Resto and Balance. Like dont open the path at all in that case

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Because our AoE in Dragonflight is already very well synergized without throwing Sunfire in there.


If we needed it then sure. But if we need to cast it then the gameplay and tree is fundamentally wrong.

Feral seems to be doing solid dps in cat form alone on df anyway. Having to ‘weave’ was due to energy starvation and no silly mana cost for shifting (like in wrath)

You know if sunfire is brought into the game for ferals they will neef our current aoe damage abilities to make up for it

As a balance druid u have always hated aunfire, one instant dot was enough. I would take hurricane over sunfire anyday

I’d rather they just change the class tree and make sunfire baseline for balance only. Replace it with something useful. It already feels awkward having to waste an extra two talent points just to get the extra 5 yard radius. If you’re going with that you’re pretty likely taking that to go down into the nature’s vigil route, so you’re forced to go into sunfire, which is just a bad design.

Not to mention the fact that balance druids need to waste a class talent going into improved sunfire anyway. Either bake sunfire into both resto & balance and make improved sunfire a spec talent for both trees, or just move them higher up on the tree in their own node so people don’t have to waste a talent on another ability they’re never really going to use.


and im on balance druid asking them to remove sunfire because its annoying. Like moonfire is enough why do we need 2 dots that act actually in the same way, I would take another ability like full moon or something more interesting anyday.

Having the spec built around full moon and its lesser versions would be pretty interesting. I never understood why they decided to replace insect swarm with sunfire.

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Both moonfire and sunfire are just fire and forget dots. They dont do anything interesting they dont work with anything. I would rather have moonfire do twice as much damage and remove sunfire imo. Full moon all the way and not the low damage current version that does slightly more damage than a starsurge but the legion version that would one shot stuff.

The amount of bleeds yall get is enough. if you get Sunfire. Stellarflare should be insta clast for boomies.


I would hate it if balance druids turned into a DOT spec. I would take legions full moon\more single target abilities over more unprotected dot abilities. Would prefer it if they just removed stellarflare and let starsurge or starfire have a chance to apply it.

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I always loved the mists rendition of balance druid. It was single target and had great utility. So Dactill I agree with you.

Ran a 15 gambit with improved sunfire as feral and it was pretty nice. I only used it on large packs when I exhausted all my brutal slash charges and it added 7% damage overall. Very cool even though its a shift and gcd.


Kinda sad you have to shift out tough. Would be nicer if you didnt had to

Tax we have to pay to eek out a little extra dps

They’d need to rebalance their AoE DPS if they did that. Feral is already popping off super high in AoE in the beta.

They dont. Cause not all feral will want to go Balance branch for Sunfire. And not every Feral would want to pick Lunar Inspiration if it would be changed for both Sunfire and Moonfire.

No, please no. I don’t even want moon fire as a cat