<Gehenna> 2/8M AOTC looking for DPS



The officers here at Gehenna pride ourselves with being a fun and friendly environment while also progressing in a timely manner. Mind you, our fun and friendly atmosphere is of the rated R variety. With that said we do not recruit raiders below the age of 18.

After a 2 year break from the game several of us have returned to what we love about this game…. raiding. Before our hiatus we were consistently in the top 5 on our server. We were able to get several (7+) of our core raiders back from our glory years and fully plan to return to being one of the power house horde guilds on the server. We enjoy a light raid schedule that yields results. For the most part during trash we are laughing and joking but on the bosses its time to buckle down and get the job done. During off nights we have many members running Mythic+ groups and farming for the guild cauldrons and feasts. We do have ranks for casual players mostly reserved for friends/family of our raiders. We do not actively recruit for casual members.

We expect all the typical things from our raiders like consistent attendance and knowledge of the class. We require DBM or Big Wigs for all raiders.

We are currently 2/8M 8/8 Heroic in Uldir.

We are looking for a rogue, mage, Ret, or warlock. But will consider other options depending on the individual.

Raid nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday with raid times 5-8 server time (8-11 Eastern)

contact info: Furn#1258 or Kei##1785

(Vihoh) #2

Great guys. :+1:


Here we go boys.


First G’huun kill…fun stuff.


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/wave at Showtime. Hey there!


Still looking for a few more raiders guys!


We’re in need of some strong dps for mythic progression


still looking for some dps


We’re still looking for some more dps


Most fun you’ll have while progressing mythic content!!


Yeah girl! We’re all here to have fun. Killing bosses and fat loot is the side show.

Front to back homies.


We’re looking for Back to Front wipers. You know who you are.


Recruiting DPS… 4 out of 5 raiders prefer us to generic brands


Skubby…i do have a question for u…a very important question. Oh wait, wrong chat… awesome guild all, come play!!


@Rredkt 12 give or take 5.

Still looking for more to round out the roster into Dazar’Alor. We’re looking pretty solid and hope to make a strong push!


We still looking for some dps


Dazar’alor drops tomorrow! Get hyped boys!

Still want more dps homies :smiley: