Gear - Feedback

ST gear is pretty much prebis going into MC, i was hoping for all the gear in the 5mans to be updated to where 5man 60 gear would replace ST Gear, And follow that track until you get into raids.

Stam needs to be severally added to ALL gear. my lvl 40 gear has the SAME stam values with lvl 60 gear, Even 50 to 60 the stam level is the same, only difference is the 10 levels of stam you gain from leveling.

This is pretty much the goal for every class;
3pc from ST.
3pc from your t0.5 quests to get the set bonuses
Thats it. thats your Absolute bis going into MC, nothing changes and thats if your ST set is good, if your a resto druid you’re still using your ST gear, you may pay a rog or druid to fish for the rare in Ubrs to get a trinket but that it, even then theres no reason to do any instances outside of raid logging and strat live for Righteous orbs, and BRD emp runs for the trinket.