Gear exploiters at lv 60. Nothing being done by Blizzard

Over the past week several others have reported gear exploiters during battlegrounds. These players are using item level 379 gear despite the recent change by blizzard to only be usable at level 70. However, despite the various reports, absolutely no action has been taken by blizzard. These same players are just queing into battlegrounds ruining streaks of games.


They found a way to keep wearing level 70 gear even though they’re not at max level?

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i thought they fixed that ?

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That is correct


Kill a mob, obtain loot?
This would be the third adjustment to the new DF patch items, or is it intended this time?

Nope. The same culprits are just spamming bgs racking up well over 40 killing blows, 100+ honor kills, etc. That’s how lop sided the games become.

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If the loot requires a higher character level, I can’t equip it.

Is it because the items were equipped when the change was made, so they remained equipped?

Correct, also it is quite possible that these items are obtained from areas that these levels would have open world access to.

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To my understanding, the 379 gear was intended strictly for level 70 characters. We (random bg players) are seeing level 60’s use them. But not just any level 60 characters, the same players despite numerous reports.

I don’t understand players who like running around bgs broken OP like this. You’d think they’d get bored.

They’re ruining PvP for everyone else. I guess that’s what they enjoy.

That is up in the air for sure, seems to be quite the buzz around these items.
There was a fix early? last week some became 70 req, others stayed at 60 req.
Before Tuesday there was another adjustment and the Greens once again were given a 70 requirement.
When everyone has access to the same options, it remains up to question on what’s op I would say.

On another note there is a small Wowhead write up regarding the artist behind these pieces, they seem to be inspired from the original BWL art. Beautiful stuff. :100:

This is where I have an issue with the system. I’m not allowed to use screenshots of any of the culprits. It would be considered doxing. So, we turn to the system we have in place. Reports get put it, but nothing happens.

If you have Twitter, you can try sending a Tweet with a screenshot and an explanation to the Warcraft devs.

Sometimes, that gets their attention.

Just be careful though. There might be forum people who monitor Tweets sent to the devs. They’ll be able to identify your Twitter account. So, you might need to use a burner Twitter account.

Iv seen some people try this off of reddit. The issue will get resolved at the speed devs feeling like handling it.

But from the looks of it, they don’t have an issue with people using endgame gear at 60 despite the “fix”

i dont think thats the case because ppl were mad at blizz for hot fixing the issue in general forums the day it happened saying it was unusable and red and wouldnt let them use it even tho they paid almost 400k for it

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if you are that afraid then dont use twitter or any socials ive been doxxed 4 times over the yrs it hasnt stopped me and i use the same name for everything just private your irl stuff .

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I don’t “fear” them. I just don’t see the need because I understand bugging the life out of the developers to fix a hyper specific issue isn’t going to make them do it any faster.

But what I do hope to see is some consistency on the issue. If they’re going to allow level 60’s to wear high end gear, then everyone who bought their gear should be able to also. If not, patch/fix/correct the exploit so the “fix” sends a consistent message.

no, I had a full set on my monk heals, they hotfixed it while I was logged in, I went from having 140% mastery and 300k+ hp to having like 30% mastery and 88k hp, I still had all the gear equipped, it was just red and not giving me stats. idk what these ppl are talking about.

Yeah it involves the class trial feature and looting blue items from the rare mobs in caverns, doesnt work with greens anymore.

if thats the case itll get hotfixed im qing that bracket on a kul tiran druid rn and havent ran into any of these people yet

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