GDKPs ruined the casual Alliance TBC experience

Raids balanced around having 5 shamans.
Alliance have to level shamans 1-70.
GDKPs exist and need 5 shamans regardless of gear to run smoothly.

Combine these 3 ingredients and you have the worst expansion experience possible for a casual guild. 5 of your 7-10 real life friends didn’t want to play a shaman? Rough, looks like you’re not clearing sunwell this time around.

In the current state of the game, there is no reason not to run GDKPs. Pays out more than any other activity in the game by a wide margin thanks to your nephew using your sister’s credit card. We’re at the point where now every single raid you run should be a split gdkp run, half of your core in one, and half in another. Otherwise, you are trolling your economy for the latter half of the expansion.

If it stays (and we all know it will be), whatever, at least WotLK removes the need for 5 shamans per raid group so dad gamers can actually play the class they want to play and get content down at a reasonable pace.

All of my top level guildmates and ex-guild mates run multiple GDKPs a week and they love it. None of em have to farm for materials or play the game outside of raiding / pvp anymore. I am posting this to set the message that Alliance side TBC was completely ruined for casual guilds because of this activity and how raids were balanced around 5 shamans. If blizzard cares about fostering a new player experience and driving revenue off of new subs, this type of raid should be against ToS and should be bannable. Don’t continue to make the same mistake EQ did.


Acting like this is some monumental task.

I leveled 2 Alliance shamans to 70 in a month. Solo.

Its really REALLY not that hard lol. I promise.


cherry pick harder

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GDKP is a cancerous playstyle enjoyed by the cancerous playerbase.


I mean, its in your top 3 lines lol.

You started at a “we cant clear SWP because nobody can level a shaman”

then went on some wild tangent about GDKPs at the end of an expansion. Yes, people want gold for WOTLK… How dare they!


It was the entire expansion.

Cleared it myself no problem with plenty of gamers.

I know many players who were in more relaxed guild environments that all ended up quitting because people like you leveled 2 shamans to join gdkps with instead of a regular guild.

Would love to see you get banned.

Oh no! anyway…

Our guild’s first Muru kill was with 4 shamans and 2 warlocks. Maybe your problem isn’t raid comp….

Cool story.


I mean, the guy is sitting here saying its humanly impossible to expect alliance to level shamans in a 15 month expansion…

Yet horde has a billion paladins absolutely no problem.

Maybe just play harder? idk.


Only need 3 paladins for optimal raid comp

keep on posting bozo

Wow! and you need 5 shamans.

Mathematically impossible feat.

Im looking through WCL right now and I see 0 alliance guilds in the entire game clearing SWP… Nope not enough shamans.

What a bummer.

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Chances youve ever been in a GDKP is easily 0.0%

Just saying nonsense about something you are unfamiliar with. :+1:

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Its alright, I know I’m right regardless of your cope PoV

ban gdkps

Don’t be in guilds and you never have to worry :slight_smile: or make your own guild


Okay cool. Lets say Blizzard says GDKPs are banned right now. Live immediately right now.

How do they go about actually enforcing that ban.

Groups gather on discord, no advertising, trade gold in instance. Everyone on their way.

Its so easy to yell BAN GDKPs but when asked how you would enforce the ban, its crickets.

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leveling alliance shaman to 70 = GDKPs are bad

ok got it
ill put my tinfoil hat just like you since this is coming out of nowhere

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Iv’e participated in GDKPS and also explored the casual scene, it’s still very easy to join a casual guild and play how you want. You just have a personal vendetta against it, but no need to exaggerate and lie to push a narrative

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How are you going to ban GDKPs? You can’t stop any of the facets involved in them.

In reality they are the very essence of the game. A group of strangers coming together and uniting for a common goal. Whether they get their gear in a guild or buying it makes no difference. Let people enjoy the game their way and you enjoy it yours. You asking for rampant changes to how other players enjoy the game to cater to yourself is beyond selfish.