GDKPs Banned? Freaking Finally!

This is the change that classic desperately needed.

If you’re a classic player complaining that you don’t want “retail” in your classic, you should be happy.

It’s honestly disgusting seeing the amount of posts saying “Banning GDKPs is bad!” go cry in a corner about how you can’t pay people for good items, maybe take the time to join a guild and socialize instead of playing an MMO solo…

This has to be downright the best ruling Blizz has ever made (next to BG queue changes) and I wholeheartedly expect them to keep their word and ban the crap out of people doing GDKP runs.

And yes, RMT will still be an issue, it will always be an issue but this is clearly Blizz taking a step in the right direction.


Mm kinda late to the party

Never to late . GDKP players still don’t understand why they are being banned . There over 10 - 20 GDKP players asking that same Question . why ?

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He missed the big flood two days ago…
Most people kinda just tired of trying to argue with the people who just can’t let go lol

They can’t just let gdkps die for unknown reasons

hey now, even slowpokes have a right to express their happiness that the RMT’ing scum will now be forced back into the dark corners where they belong

Should you? Because banned GDKPs is just going to make selling runs more appealing, the thing that plagues retail, and based on the only information they’ve given us so far, there’s no implication that those will be banned as well

I look forward to the rise of RMT complaints in phase 2 when people realize nothing of substance has changed :person_shrugging:

And somehow you’ll contribute to them being around

interested to see how it plays out, idkps or point systems where all the points are pre bought and the gold is held on a central bank toon/account incoming

just better hope blizz never banhammers the bank account and they never decide to exit scam

Contribute to what being around? Selling runs? I only raid with my guild. In the event we aren’t doing a run that reset, I join an already existing pug

I guess it depends on how you interpret what Blizzard wrote here…

Assuming you get an item, selling runs seems to fall under the umbrella of a “run where items are awarded in exchange for gold”. That’s just my interpretation though, and you’re welcome to your own. At the end of the day it’s going to depend on how Blizzard decides to enforce it.

So I guess we’ll see.

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The way I see it is like the difference between buying a ticket to a theme park with free rides vs free admission to the park but having to pay for each ride individually. With the former, you aren’t paying for the rides (the ability to roll on gear), you’re paying for park access (a spot on the raid group) and the rides/gear just comes as a bonus

But yeah, we’ll have to see. The fact that there’s any debate over what qualifies as exchanging gold for gear just shows that they’ll have to clarify at some point before anyone can be fairly actioned

Is Blizzard banning the park, or the rides? That’s the question. I read it as the park but our individual interpretations mean nothing, it’s up to Blizzard.

Agreed, but I think it’s probably good they’re being deliberately vague. If they were super explicit folks would have already come up with work arounds. This way they give themselves a little leeway to adapt.

The message is clear though, Blizzard doesn’t want people playing the core game as a means to make money. If GDKP was the only thing that gave your WoW time any meaning, it might be time to move on. Or play Era/WotLK/Retail because it’s still fine there.


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they 100% will need to clarify, there are a million grey areas the way they have worded it thus far, which is stupid.

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