GDKP flare went for 370k

Wow, he must do a lot of daily quests!


I know this is just a joke, but I wanted to calculate how many hours per day and characters required to make 370k in 3 months, assuming each daily gives 20g and takes 7 minutes to complete.

370k would take 18500 daily quests under these assumptions, which is 18500 days ago if the bidder plays one character. 18500 days ago was July 24, 1972. With 5 characters, the total time goes down to 3700 days (January 29, 2013. Time is crazy.) Even with 5 characters doing 25 dailies per day with 20g per daily, it would still take a total of 148 days to make that money. Time spent per day? About 14.5 hours.

Let me know if I did something wrong.


Too low of a price

You just need to run 2-3 GDKPs a week with a cut of 15-20k gold.

That is how you get gold.


Or you swipe your credit card and buy gold.

Which is the more likely explanation.


I got scale of fates completely free from my guild.



Imagine not knowing how to play the auction house


You did it based off of just WOTLK, what if they were massing gold since classic started?


I also got a lil sumthin for free.


Or, he does GDKP’s on like 5 characters.


maybe he has friends, who also do dailies.


rofl. Some people are living under a rock. There is daily routes that take 40min to complete and netting you 500gold. Do your math again.

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Sees the sunday bait. A bit hungry.

went to one of the more reputable sites to google. they at least offer protections like seller doesn’t get paid till you get the goods.

can someone tell me what is so great about this item they would pay $821 dollars for it?

Pressing x for doubt here. this game has no pay for game time mechanic. so there goes that return on investment.

ICC will completely negate all this. so its not like eve. where I have seen sites sell for IRL money some items. a few hundred will buy a titan. A titan that…is never expac’d out into uselessness. in now close to 20 years (eve turns 20 this year).

in 13 years I have been around their only change was…about 11-12 years ago they removed AOE doomsday and made it single target. Ah the good ole days. 4 of these dropped in, popped the AOE and a fleets of 100’s…died. just like that. sucked when it was you vaporized.

its still the big toy many boys and girls want for their eve present lol.

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I agree, I think this is more likely in this case. I think most players have “that” buddy who is always making insane flips on the AH with very minimal time invested.

I watched a guy make basically gold cap in week 1 of ulduar, just from buying runed orbs and getting people to craft him stuff, which he then AH’d from level 1 chars (The AH doesn’t show “made by” on the piece until it arrives in the mail)

I don’t really see people spending 900$ for a trinket from one of the easiest HMs, this late in the phase. Maybe a Mim’s head but not flare.

In before someone bashes me for being poor. :slight_smile:

At any rate, sweet trinket and congrats to the guy. (Yes I do realize RMT is a big problem but for insane amounts like this I just don’t see it)

The whole thing. It doesn’t take that long to do dailies and there are much better ways to make gold. Not to mention some players have been amassing gold throughout Classic for over 3 years now.

Everyone in that raid received nearly 15,000 each because of that one item. I’m sure the rest of the loot pushed it near 20,000 each. If all of those players did 20 more similar raids, they’d be able to buy an item at the same price.

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All the gold buyers jumping in here to defend insane amounts in GDKPs just show how big of a problem it is.


a person who made that gold without RMT would never blow it all for flare the only person who does this is someone who does not value his gold whatsoever aka bought


Maybe its just Maybelline.



Many players go to gdkp as that’s is the type of raid they play they don’t join a “normal” guild since they pref the gdkp style as often lower drama and make gold while playing.

This means they tend to have gold and are more willing to spend that gold on the items they want. Those that have been doing gdkps since early tbc have quite a good bit of gold. I myself raiding on two chars one in a normal guild one in gdkps have two gold caped toons. It’s not hard to get.

As it’s not hard to get gold cap people are more willing to spend that gold esp on items that are going to last awhile. It comming from a “easy” hard mode means nothing. The rarity and power of the item is what matters not the diff of the boss. The rarity doesn’t go up much if the item is from a harder hard mode or an easy hard mode as the harder hard modes are cleared just the same. Only alg loot is rarer since often he is not killed in gdkps unless it’s a better of gdkp.

Ulti the gold was earned in order to get what you want when you want it. Those that know how to make gold or have good income due to for example being in a gdkp group that often has decent pots are the ones more willing to spend that gold as they know it’s going to come back and that was the exact reason it was earned.

Hell just flipping orbs in first two weeks of uldar was easy to get gold cap if you wanted I made about 70k doing that alone without putting in much effort could have made a lot more. It’s not hard to make gold and as such why would people be super attached to it when it’s easy to get. It’s just like more well off people with US dollars spend money easily.

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math is fun, lets do more.

Classic wow came out 1301 days ago, which means the flare buyer would only need to make 284g per day to have 370k to buy his flare without gold buying. Is is possible to have tons of gold right now without buying it (especially if you gdkp, gdkp is like 10k+ per reset per char), the unlikely bit about it is someone who made all of their money without swiping for it is unlikely to blow it in such a manner