GD: Do Not Nerf Tower Ranger Title 9.2.5

IMO, Community should ask for better decisions from Devs designing rewards before their implementation in order to avoid this kind of changes and actually this nerf could had been an hotfix some months ago, maybe they notice that this achievements only have 0.20% of the player base for Tower Ranger and 0.49% for The Jailer’s Gauntlet 8.

First Blizzard needed to implement rewards between layer 4 and 8 to incentivize players, since Layer 5 only has 1.74% compared to the 7.49% of players that completed layer 4, Besides that maybe this nerf reflects the fact that Solo players doesn’t have an increase on item level so far in the Season 4 while the The Jailer’s Gauntlet 5+ layers requires like 270+ ilvl, this can be achieved with lower ilvl but Devs maybe take this as another factor.

Practically, it’s like the Mecha-done achievements nerf during 9.1.5, a playerbase with 2-3% of the playerbase did it when it was difficult to achieve and then it got nerf, it feels bad but it’s good for the overall playerbase, we just need those changes as Hotfixes instead of waiting patches to do it, since Blizzard doesn’t have a good QA team for testing all the variants on this game, same situation happened with the core elements of the game like Raids, just look the amount of nerfs each week for this last raid and how some players doesn’t like the changes because they already did it 1-2 days before the nerf.


i am on board. i dont understand it either. i brought this up in the blizzard thread of Shadowlands 9.2.5 Content Update Notes as well.

it is completely ludacris that this change is being made. what will be the replacement? what is the point of having this title moved to layer 4 when layer 4 already has a mount as a reward.

i never understand these types of decisions. what is the point of anyone ever completing layer 8 now if the title is no longer there? what will be the incentive?

i got flamed hard by a couple of people that dont have the title yet and or will probably never ever see it unless it was lowered to layer 4 but i still dont see the point.

layer 8 is hard for many people. it took me a few tries to get it but i did. i would of never in a million years attempted it if there was not a nice title reward attached it to.

blizzard really needs to rethink this and or replace it with something else. this is crazy.


Doesn’t seem fair to those that already got the title. Hopefully they’ll add something for those that completed it prior to 9.2.5.

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If they’re going to nerf something, they should be more proactive, that’s my point. Actually Blizzard didn’t change legendaries until now because any change will impact all those players that invested time and resources for the max rank recipes.

There’s always this situation that Devs create against them around rewards and design, it’ll never get fix because there’s always issues but it’s require to be more proactive on how the playerbase response to rewards in order to avoid a big impact, i think that the playerbase on this case impacted by this change is really low 0.49%, however this could be handle in other ways too.

if the intended was that an abroad player base get this achievement for the new one:

  • NEW Back from the Beyond Leave the Shadowlands better than it was when you entered by completing the following achievements.
    Reward: Title Reward: Veilstrider

Maybe they should just require The Jailer’s Gauntlet 4 instead of 8 for this new achievement.

That sucks. They need to create content that stays not chage it at end of expac. I hate it. So much content was made the same way and it make me angry to see that change to mkae it eaaer. Imo create content that stays in the game and please stop deleting our progression. I felt same way when i completed higher tier of curroption and get my cloak to lvl 15 in bfa, and at end they change it for easy mode.

They’ve done this in the past as well. There is the Insane in the Membrane achievement that was nerfed to be easier. All the gold players spent on Vanilla mounts and training.

I’m sure there are many more examples but it’s not the first time they have nerfed things and not provided anything for those that got them before hand.

deleted cause i was misunderstanding something nvm

It might be more of an issue of buffing some classes anima abilities. Some classes have it way easier in there than others.


yup for sure. i love seeing my fellow players having a road unblocked for them. however a simple feat of strength or something similar should be given to those that took the time and energy to attain this title at its hardest rank.

its like i said in my posts on the other blizzard thread. people that full clear sotfo on raid finder do not get awarded cutting edge. this is the exact same principle. if they are going to be able to get a meta achievement on a 1 shot layer then the title needs to stay at layer 8.

these are the types of decisions that blizzard makes that slowly pushes players away.

This has been happening for a long long time and I doubt anything will change. Blizzard has been nerfing difficult to achieve things later since Vanilla.

I have done the original Wintersaber Mount grind in Vanilla, took me 2 months ~8 hours a day of killing furbolgs. In BC, Blizzard changed it to a single daily for a month to get it. Does it suck ? Yes, but this is norm for blizzard.

Most of the titles you see has been nerfed one way or another. Kingslayer, Insane, Salty etc. all have been nerfed.

It is the way it is and do not expect any changes.

I don’t know what it’s like at the top levels, but my experience with Torghast is that because most the powers are calculated from existing stats, it ends up being just a gear check in the end. So if feels like Torghast rewards aren’t really reward for playing Torghast, they’re just a bonus reward for already being at the peak of another playstyles.

(But as long as its not removed, I’ll get around to completing some runs in an expansion or two)

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Probably some of these achievements are going to be removed for 10.0 instead of doing Torghast an evergreen content feature like the new mage tower, one problem is that they already designed Torghast around the current talent system and borrowed power.

It’ll be better to have a feature that doesn’t change over the expansion or the impact is minimum.

They need to start making account wide progrssion not per character.


Exactly and Blizzard didn’t include a boost to item level for solo players in the season 4, you won’t be able to get higher ilvl from ZM and Torghast doesn’t provide gear.

My todo list is in no danger of running out so this isn’t something I want to go to war over.

They are probably reducing it because by layer 7-8 then it’s almost entirely RNG if you can beat the layer instead of due to skill. Between getting a clump of bosses that spam CC back to back, or getting several knockback bosses at once when there’s cliffs to fall off, or just simply due to not getting good powers and being overwhelmed before you can kill them.


Well, that’s good point to take in consideration this kind of mode has a RNG element attached, compared to the Mage tower kind of feature that’s mostly skill and balance for each spec.

While some class / spec / covenant combos could have an easier run on this kind of challenge compared to other players. Also taking on consideration that can be done solo or group with other classes,creating some good combos, there’s too many variables, feeling proud about this kind of achievement is weird, i get the council point and other players that achieved this and I advocate for doing hotfixes or never changing something in the first place.

Maybe adding a new achievement for layer 8 without being in a group

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I am within sight of soloing the whole tower. The big reason I failed on 8 yesterday, I think, is I got overconfident and took a big offensive power instead of a defensive one. It felt bad to die on floor 5, but I can point to an action I consciously did that probably would have saved me.

The only “nerf” that makes any sense is to remove the RNG of powers and zone on floor 1 to save the effort of rerolling runs that are scuffed before they even start.

This title does not need a nerf. Let it mean something.

Hilarious how people are complaining about this now. This change was noticed on the 5th. You should pay attention to news cycles more.

Also as someone pointed above this was done to bring the lone outlier achievement for Veilstrider title in line with the rest.

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So as someone who is going for Tower Ranger, I’m missing some flawless runs, which I’ll get, and the Jailers layer 8. I got through layer 5.

As a non healing cloth DPS class, there are massive, MASSIVE issues in the first 2 floors of layers 4 and up. I have gotten to floor 2 of layer 6, but it’s really pointless with no deaths left.

What people are usually stuck doing is zoning in and out a hundred times until they get the correct 2-3 epic powers they need to even get through the first boss wave. I imagine they looked at data and who was killing what, who was wiping on what, and realized they couldn’t just fix it by giving players more powers, or nerfing the floors, etc. So they made the meta cap at layer 4 with the mount as well.

Although I was still planning to bang my stupid head against a wall until I got layer 8 (I only run solo), I do welcome this change so I can play alts and do more fun stuff.