GCDTV's 6v6 Tournament Series

GCDTV is proud to present another Battleground tournament series!

With over $8,000 USD in prize pools, we’re inviting all eligible competitors to gather their mightiest battleground players to form teams and sign up. These events will not only to test the competitive potential of Battlegrounds, but they’re also intended to build a positive community focused on PvP gameplay in World of Warcraft.

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Broadcast Schedule

Event Date Time
GCDTV 6V6 EU Tournament #2 Thursday, October 10th and Friday, October 11th 10:00 a.m. PDT / 7:00 p.m. CEST


  • Double Elimination
  • Two Healers & One Tank Maximum
  • One Specialization Per Class per roster


  • Gilneas now offer points per successful kill, prevent stalemates!


  • 1st - $1400 (Minimum)
  • 2nd - $600 (Minimum)




6v6, as they should be.


Really looking forward to this event! 6v6 is such a fun format.


When are we going to get official 6v6 RBGS? kind of sucks needing to get a roster of 10 people to play them. Hell maybe in addition to 6v6 throw in a separate 6v6 SOLO queue bracket. I mean if OW can do it, wow can too!


Sorry, but after witnessing a PVP dev be carried by one of the highest rated RBG teams (that also cheated to win) I can’t help but laugh when I see Blizz backing an RBG event.

This bracket is dead.


This is quite a low amount of prize money, especially for a team format.


Agreed. That is what I make in a month in the workforce, and I’m not even in a management position.

For a company that just found herself with a couple million extra subscriptions from WoW Classic, it’s not even pocket change.

Prize money in wow is laughably small. Then they add in game toys to help fund the tiny prize pools while they have had a hugely successful game for 15 years.

so 8000$ is split between 6 players?

This is coming from a big bfa fan but kind of irked me the prize pool is so small when I bought a toy specifically to fund wow e sports and there are other esports out there with million dollar prize pools. at the current toy price 800 unique purchases would cover this prize pool. is no one buying the toy and is that the only thing funding the pool?

PS: I looked at your taxes from what you were required to release you guys had negative taxes this past year in rebates by millions of dollars.

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How do these 6v6 matches usually play out? 3 dps vs. 2 healers seems a little low on the DPS side. Without dampening I’m having a hard time imagining 3 dps being able to down a tank+2 healers.

This is a GCDTV event which is community run and funded. The toy is funding the AWC and MDI tournaments, not community events. Although they should probably create their own 6v6 RBG tournament since they are entertaining to watch.

Also, the toy sales are just in addition to the standard Blizzcon prize pool and is not the only thing funding it.


I’m glad to see they are trying out new formats which should be fun to watch. Another fun pvp tournament I would love to watch is 1 vs 1 like the movies Bloodsport or Best of the Best. They could even have separate sub category tournaments for each class to see who is the king or queen of their class.

You know bfa pvp i dead when $8,000 is all they can put up. Maybe theyll get a whopping 2k people to tune in.

Meanwhile, we got a $40,000 classic dueling tournament coming up that will easily get 80k viewers.

Big yikes for the BFA fanboys like myself. Im worried about how much attention classic gets compared to the superior version of the game that offers better everything.

It’s been out for 2 months - I’d bet you gold that by the end of Winter, There’s either a new expansion for BfA or Classic, or Classic is going to be way, way, less populated because what are people going to find interest in when they get to 60, do everything, get gear, bored, etc. I guess they could roll endless Alts? If they really like Classic

Meanwhile BfA has ALL the original content of the game. You can’t go back and run Mists of Pandaria raids for example in Classic

Personally myself, Both games have gotten out of interest for me. Pretty much all gaming has. but WoW will always be my main game. League of Legends has become in 2nd place over the past couple years


Wish it did. Some of the expansions are empty husks without their story… and EPL will never be the same without the Little Pamela chain. A LOT has been removed…

How so?? Its like a dollar per person that still does rated pvp. PVP is dead and they’re tryna resuscitate it

I guess so but I mean there’s just so much in Pandaria that you can do, for example - Meanwhile there’s endless amounts of other things to do, but in classic just not that way

Interesting that Blizzard posts about a 6v6 RBG tournament. Here’s hoping one day we’ll get 6v6 RBGs as a format.


For comparison the classic WoW dueling tournament the streamers are hosting has a $40,000 prize pool.