GCD on Mana Tea need to be removed

Sole purpose of Mana Tea is to save mana. It does not give any mana it just reduces mana cost of spell you are going to use in next 10~12sec, so you will be using it on burst heal in situation where you spam multiple healing spells next to other. Problem is they introduced GCD on mana tea in BFA which makes absolutely no sense. I am healing to save other or myself from dying. 1+sec of GCD is very precious for healers certain situations because it can be difference between life and death.
But in this expansion I had to choose between saving mana or saving other from dying. First, I chose to save them because that is what healers should do. But now I am out of mana and becomes useless fast and most importantly it doesn’t look good on healing meter. Nobody can catch ether you saved someone or not. All they see is healing meter.
So now I just let them die. I use mana tea even though tank might be dying.
Yes I know I should plan ahead when to use Mana Tea but healers are not dpsers we can only heal when there are something to heal. Choice given by GCD on mana tea isn’t one bit interesting it just make you feel bad.
If GCD was introduced in this expansion to prevent one big red kill button why is there a GCD on Mana Tea?


part of planning ahead is knowing which boss abilities/trash packs etc will require you to cast a lot of heals and precasting ef/mana tea to handle it

it does feel pretty bad to use for sure but its not really as big of an issue as your post suggests

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Yes as I said plan ahead, but it doesn’t always work and GCD on mana tea has no purpose but making game slow and feel bad. I maybe Exaggerating the problem, but Ion asked if there is GCD that serves no purpose so I am giving the feedback.

i mean dont get me wrong, i agree it should probably come off the gcd, but realistically the only valid reason for it is that it feels clunky and unpleasant to use it right now as opposed to the idea that its some major gameplay issue