Gathering Professions + Account Wide Reagent Bank

There are 2 main things I really want to see in WoW: Dragonflight with the profession revamp:

  1. Gathering professions all baseline
  2. An account wide (or faction-server wide) reagent bank that extends to fit all materials

Making these two changes has a cumulative effect on the value of the outdoor world for a player. First, no matter what character you’re on, you can pick up all sorts of materials while you’re out doing stuff. All of them go to the one central source that any character can make use of at any time, versus having to keep track with 3rd party addons and playing the mailbox game.

It also means each character can pick up 2 interesting professions, versus trying to decide if you should get a matching gathering profession or pick stuff up on an alt. Let’s be honest, having a gathering profession take up a slot is not cool, fun or interesting. It’s an annoyance.

This gets a little weird when you’re leveling up your main with Alchemy/Engineering as an example, but you can’t work on either of your professions until you level up your alts with herbalism and mining… unless you have a boat load of gold. Having the professions that actually make stuff being self sufficient would make it a lot easier.

There are a few other things that I would like to see but these two alone would be massively impactful.


I am not quite sure how I feel about #1. I agree with #2.

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Funny you mention that. I asked about something very very similar today on the Community Council forum in the DF Professions thread.

Key statements:

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It was recently mention in a Dev interview that the 2 professions system would not be changing. So sadly no character-wide gathering proffs.

I’d be very happy with the WoW equivalent of ESO’s bottomless reagent bank. So if you collect a herb, it automatically goes into your bottomless bag and if you need it you can either withdraw it to your normal bag or use it if its needed for crafting.

That would make me a very happy player.

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I can get behind this. Move the gathering profession to secondary. Even allow two choices.

But I am still hoping against hope that Archaeology comes back. It would give me something to do in the open world at times like this.

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Only if those mats put in that bank become account bound. Each server has its own economy.

Yeah…I have made some odd choices over the years. My main is Tailoring/Herbalism. I just wanted to pick flowers and make shirts. Yes, I was the server shirt seller in Vanilla. heh. Looking forward to that kind of interaction again maybe.

My others though are combos like Enchanting/Engineering, Alchemy/Inscription, Jewelcrafting/Blacksmithing. So, I have to gather on alts and funnel the mats to the chars I play more often who have the rep to get patterns/recipes.

I really do think it would be reasonable to have at least one gathering prof as a replacement for First Aid. The QOL improvement seems like it would impact a lot of people positively, with no negatives I can think of.

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I’d love to see just a third profession slot.

I’ve been a JC forever, and unlearning it would unlearn patterns I might not be able to get back, ever. Same with every other crafting profession on my alts.

I’d like to pick up Engineering, but I also don’t want to lose Mining in the process.

Well, they have answered the CC thread with a negative for now on that. BUT if they were to add Mining to the secondary profs category it would free up a second main profession for you.

I am not the only one asking for it so hopefully this threads gets some traction in addition to the CC folks who are asking in the thread there.

This is honestly a great thread. The OP is direct, well thought out, and cites why it would improve their gameplay experience.

I miss my garrison mine/garden.

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I’d be ok with Gathering being a secondary.

That would solve the problem for a lot of people.

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So basically like a garrison garden, mine, and fishing pond. Which appeared to have been designed by somebody who didn’t actually do professions, but thought it would be a great idea if crafters had access to all mats, and gatherers, well screw them.

Your post is actually why I made this topic - I don’t have access to post to the community council forums, but I want to echo similar sentiments here. Going along with your other point about having old JC patterns - I also agree.

I have some unobtainable patterns on my shaman. The old BC Dragonstrike is an example, sure you can make the new one, but this has sentimental value to me. I remember collecting the pieces with the guild and upgrading it over time, and the amazing haste proc. I don’t want to unlearn BS with that recipe… so my shaman, who I’d rather be skinning/LW now, is forced into Blacksmithing… probably forever.

What I would ideally like, is that every pattern we’ve unlocked is learned account wide, and it’s the skill level that dictates what a character can or can’t make. This way, I still will always have my original Burning Crusade Dragonstrike pattern learned to my account - and any Blacksmithing character I have on my account would see it. But to actually craft it would just require the appropriate skill.

This would also solve the issue of patterns tied to reputations. Right now grinding reps is one of the more involved aspects of the game, and you’ll be on your main who is a Tailor/Enchanter for example but see BS/JC/etc patterns you can’t make use of but your alts would love to have.

Would be great to just buy it and learn it on your main, but it’s available to all of your alts with that profession who can now see it in their list. If they have the skill level they can use it immediately, and if not maybe it’s red until they are high enough.


The garrison issue is unrelated. It’s because you didn’t have to leave it to acquire any of these things. Being able to gather any material baseline is a common feature in most MMOs and it just rewards players who are actively out and about.