Gated behind Legion dungeons, Why do this?


I just want to post that if you are level 100-109 and didn’t bother with the Weapon Artifact since Heirlooms can now scale to 120, It has the Lock sign when you attempt to sign up for any Legion Dungeons

I know i could take the time and finish the quest line but honestly i don’t want to, on any of my characters that are still 100 from WoD.

In Legion I still had my original computer and it would not process the Dungeons. I would get in there, and then after about 5 mins the Particles would just be too much and game would freeze. Now that I got a way better PC i want to do the dungeons but locked out. It’s whatever though, either i’ll do the quest or just go on my Main and zoom through them. But still…I never did alot of them in Legion like Court of Stars and all the Nighthold stuff

tl;dr- Can’t do Legion Dungeons until you complete Legion Artifact Quest-line and i find that dumb.

edit: to be more clear when i go to the dungeon tab thing it says “You must complete your Artifact quest first”

(Raistmajere) #2

They’re actually pretty quick quests. I did like 34 of them across all of my characters (including all 3 warrior ones, all in arms spec). I know it’s a silly req, but it’s all pretty simple.