Garrosh died in alternate Dreanor

What force could pull his soul between dimensions just to end up in our Shadowlands?

it has something to do with only one main timeline now and the other timelines fade
also the shadowlands is for all of warcraft

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There is only one Shadowlands according to Blizzard. They only want to keep track of one. So everyone goes to the same place, except when they get there, they are wound up into one person, where the main universe character takes over. Sucks to be AU Draka.


yea… lets not try to think too hard on this one, i already knew things were crap when they said it was only one shadowlands.


That’d be so weird. Having to reconcile infinite lives worth of memories.


Kinda turns everyone into their own little Void Lord, seeing all possibilities and such.


What nonsense.

Don’t tell me we’re being sold on this concept for all the characters…


Maybe her memories get overwritten by the MU and she functionally ceases to exist as her own person.

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I’m guessing the alternate Draenor thing has to be an anomaly.

Otherwise the Shadowlands have to be some bizarre dystopia where your soul is judged not by just your deeds, but the deeds of every alternate timeline version of you.

“Well you lived a benign and helpful life but you from the dimension where the Axis won WW2 is a real prick so into Hell you go”.


Thats gonna suck when we kill AU Yrel, because MU Yrel is a background character who died before we ever met her and never did anything notable.

AU Yrel being overwritten by MU Yrel would mean we no longer have any investment in the character.

why is garrosh being punished if the alternate timeline Garrosh were all good guys?


According to Blizzard, a rope.



The traditional horde uniform is basically a BDSM outfit. Maybe they’re all into it.


Because that dialogue is being ignored by the current writers… even though they probably wrote it. It’s just madness if you try to make sense of it all.

At the end of the day, nothing matters but the MU.

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The one-timeline stuff makes perfect sense in a vacuum, it only causes dissonance when you insist on dragging concepts from other settings into the conversation.

I am confused by much of the upcoming lore, mostly because when it comes to future content, I usually look for Gameplay advice. I tend to let the story unfold. I opt out of Betas because I would hate to get an invite I’d never use, when others covet them so.

As an example, Draka throws me off.

From her cartoon, I surmised that SL Draka is MU Draka. But what happened to AU Draka? Did she dissolve from Time and Space? Is she tucked away within some vessel that we need to unite with the MU Draka? Is SL Draka both Geyarah’s and Thrall’s mother, or only Thrall’s?

Are souls sort of like pies? Did Garrosh actually toy with and split the souls of nearly every Orc - including Thrall’s parents, as well as his own father? Uther seems to play into this “Soul Pie” theory. And many folk suggest Sylvanas may have had her “Soul Pie” sliced, with the good part taken some where else, and the remains of her worst instincts being what Arthas turned into a Banshee.


You mean the game’s own lore?
The AU isn’t just some mirage that we experienced. Actual beings came from there and are now living lives amongst the MU individuals.


I really wish they had never done WoD whatsoever. This alternate timelines crap just makes everything so much more confusing.

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Oof. Sucks to be a good or okay Garrosh. The real timeline got the worst one.


There is only one Shadowlands for every timeline. The explanation is every version of you ultimately merges into a one single shadowlands version of you in the end, though the path to that final merger might from the outside perspective take many millions of years to finally occur and see all the versions of you migrate through a huge number of shadowlands realms.

Think of it sort of like rain. All those drops are versions of you, and they might land on different objects and have very different paths, but in the end they collect into the ocean.

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