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Hi …I just used the lvl 100 boost on my Alliance avatar Ghazi on the server Aggramar. Spent a little time in Legions then went to Draenor. Got my lvl 3 Garrison from the boost, established a foot hold in Tanaan Jungle / Lion’s Watch and started my Shipyard. However, my Garrison doesn’t have the resource cache on the outside of my Town Hall.

I tried to, but was unable to, complete the quest “Finding A Foothold”: followed behind the Prophet Velen but he phased out and my Garrison appeared the first time. The third time I re-tried to do this quest, now that I’ve established my shipyard, Velen is in the water and I can no longer restart this quest.I I’ve placed a bug report and tried to place a service ticket request but can’t seem to get this to work ( it’s been a long time since I used this option). I have also tried disabling my add-ons, ran the “Scan and Repair” option, have power down my PC many times, have reset my sub folders Cache, Interface and WTF in my folder retail. I’ve been searching the internet for help, this is/was an issue but the links in the articles are obsolete and no longer exist.

Just wondering if anyone on this forum can help. I know this is very old content but I play old content and WOD is one area I often go back to. Any help would be appreciated.
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It may not help, but try completely resetting your UI, too. It’ll rule out a bunch of other things if it doesn’t.

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Did you already abandon and try to pick the quest back up?

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Iirc, you still have tro do the quest that initially stocks the resource cache by finding 5 boxes of supplies around the garrison. You may have to turn on trivial quest tracking to see the quest.

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It looks like there is a known issue that can happen with the boost. Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA on a resolution nor is there a workaround that you can do. If you submit a ticket under “Stuck on Quest” a Game Master should be able to help by flagging the necessary quest that would have normally established the Garrison Cache.

That said, if you want to switch to a different character for a few I have a moment and can pop in and get that fixed up now. Just let me know. :slight_smile:

Nevermind, looks like you weren’t online so… you should be set. :smiley:


Vrakthris…thank you so much for fixing this problem. I’m a bit of an OCD completest and this issue was making me insane. Despite some changes that I’m having a hard time accepting, I love the game. World of Warcraft is my first and one and only.

To everyone else that got back to me so quickly, you are all the best, thanks
/bows in respect


I am having this exact same issue. Any help would be appreciated. I did submit a ticket just now also. I should have done this weeks ago though :frowning:

The ticket is the best option. The forums are not monitored around the clock, and not by gm staff.

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Ok thanks. I wish I could have copy/pasted this link in with the ticket but doesn’t work.