Ganking duskwood tomorrow

Hey guys, I’m going to be ganking in duskwood tomorrow starting at 12:00 PM EST. I won’t stop until I’m out of tequilla. If you’ve got nothing to do and like ganking lowbies i’ll put a group up under custom pvp titled Duskwood Cleansing. It will be up for a good while. Feel free to come help cleanse the woods of disgusting lowbie filth with me~



I’ll be in Ashenvale. Killin ur alts.


I will try to be there. :grinning:


And I’ll be in Ashenvale. Killing ur main.


I don’t know which is creepier, the fact that you and your pack of weirdos literally stalk me and show up in every zone I go to, or the nonstop whispers/in game mail.

But hey, you do you boo.


Bruh you literally sit in ashenvale wym LOL

Weird, pretty sure it was you that ran from me in Azsuna today.



I logged in, did nazmir WQ’s and logged off.

Any delusionals in the thread

Well atleast they are behind a well geared 120 player … you target lowbies …

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Please stop killing all of my characters, I bought subscription today to relax and I can’t survive long enough to turn off PvP.

Why do you kill those who can’t hurt you at all? It doesn’t make any sense.

Anything 90+ drops bloody coins.

I’m on a mission.

Suck it up.

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I was using a lvl 34 character, please try and make sense.

I kill so many, you all kinda blur together.

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You kill so many lvl 90+ in lvl 30 basic leveling zones… Seriously.

You chose to turn on warmode.

Maybe turn it off since you clearly can’t handle it.

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Again I promise I would if I could and I shouldn’t have to. I have to wait till you and others like you log off to even get to a place where I can turn it off and I usually have it on because I like to interact with others at my level. Unfortunately, my existence is too much of a crime to those with 10,000 hours of playtime.

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Just go get your 120.

Don’t have one, I’m a complete casual. I have a 104 demon hunter that doesn’t stand a chance.

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You could ask friends to help you? or turn off warmode? Being camped isn’t the only option you got.


Announce in general chat … someone will bring their 120 and she will run away