Gamma Dungeons and ToGC Gear

Really? They made the smart decision based off the loot that drops that gamma mode in these dungeons would be pointless?

Indeed, are you seeing why I’m saying I’m genuinely impressed with these changes overall? :wink:

Finally a well informed decision.

Actually I think they still drop the gamma loot, just have no gamma mode or difficulty adjustments.

Why would they drop gamma loot? They already drop 232 gear.

Because they do. It’s in addition to the existing loot table, not in place of it.

That makes absolutely 0 sense. So do they drop it or do they not? You said “I think” before and now you are saying an absolute like you know.

So which is it and why would they do that?

They do. I just had to confirm it by reading the official announcement. As to why, they state that it is because they want players to experience the dungeons as originally designed. Since they were already designed to be more difficult, they didn’t feel an adjustment was necessary. This way, you’ll still get Scourgestones from these dungeons. Otherwise, they’d have been disincentived.

By adding more loot? Excuse me what?

They arent difficult, they are soloable in fact.

They just had to add the stones to the dungeons, not ToC raid gear.

Probably the best route they could’ve gone honestly. I mean, besides ending their titan rune experiment altogether, but I digress…if the ICC heroics are about the level of difficulty to be expected from Gammas then at least it keeps the launch dungeons relevant

There is nothing saying that they actually added ToC gear to these dungeons.

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That does not mean gear. Thats a speculation.

Go on the PTR, join these dungeons and let us know. I have to leave for work soon so I cant do it.

Sorry, at work right now. Plus I don’t have to. It’s clear that they have the Gamma loot tables. You’re really reaching. Not sure why. Just the messenger.

No its actually not.

The way that’s read it could very easily be interpreted as plaguestones and badges (the bag).

Halion closes the expansion, not ICC.

I don’t particularly seeming them suddenly change their methods

Also, TOGC is so short, a competent raid group should have it done 5/5 in well under and hour, probably closer to half an hour

If they were gonna make this change it would’ve been more suited to ulduar as it’s significantly longer

I’d rather they scrap those whole H+++ thing and just increase the amount of loot dropped from each boss in previous raid tiers

Exactly. And is there enough gear from ToC 10m to even supply the ICC dungeons along with all the other ones with 2 pieces per boss?

And the dungeons already give 232 gear so what would the justification be to just throw more gear in there? What would that accomplish other than making Wrath Classic end faster?

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