Game's acting weird

Doing the Dreamsurge. No one shows up for a mob that comes up, do it anyway & it takes forever because my other toon is low geared but get it done.

Then I leave, flying around to pick up green coalescence & it’s not giving me credit.

Screen flashes sporadically. Distance looks foggy. hm.
I read there’s maintenance tomorrow.

Anyone else getting this stuff?

This is questionable,so you dueled it?
They could be working on something and it crossed over.

Is the screen flash a green shade? Happens when they portal opens.

I do know they picked a pretty crap spot in Thaldraszus. Mobs are spread between floating islands. Also make no logical sense for them open a portal to invade when most of your invaders can’t fly. :stuck_out_tongue:

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No. Light flashes, appears white. I was afraid it was my monitor or something for a bit, which is why I made this thread.

I’m just going to log out and play tomorrow and hope I don’t have to buy a monitor.

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