Game unplayable

It looks like you guys are saying you can’t help me at all so I would like a refund for the account that I can’t get use out of, the game is supposed to be something for me and my boyfriend to do together so we pay for 2 accounts but if our characters can’t be put on the same server I can never play with him. And the heartseaker server that my shamman is stuck on waiting for the transfer to reopen is so dead I can’t do anything. I’ll sometimes be the only one in a major city… meanwhile my boyfriends server just got layering and I can’t join him. We had to wait to transfer me because of money issues, we love this game so much we threw more money at it to move off a dead server to something playable but it’s 25 each plus 2 account payments per month but we were willing to pay all that just to enjoy your game… why punish me because I lost my income due to this pandemic and had to scrimp up the $25 to bring my shamman over to join his warrior only to get the money together and find out I can’t transfer. Ouch. I even have a slot used up over there on benediction that you could just swap my shamman from heartseaker for and I wouldn’t be changing anything… we just want to be Together on a HEALTHY server while paying for 2 accounts… does that seem unreasonable to you?

I mean… If you want a refund for your sub you can get that by contacting Blizzard. You’re posting on a dead forum Blizzard doesn’t read here though.

You need to open up a ticket for this… The fact you thought this post would help you in any way is mind boggling.