Game stucked in dungeon,after log in, different layer with my team

I die with the game techenic problem tonight.I am wondering how can I get my character back to alive. I cannot appcept die for the game isssue.
Tonight, i went to dungeon Gnomeregan with my team. I went to the quest Data Rescue, the first one, submit the white card. My team members finished that quest, buy in my side, it shows nothing, and I click the machine again, my game window is stucked. I cannot do anything, after I wait few mins, it still no response. So I restarted the computer, and log in the game again. After I get into the game, my team is in DIFFERENT layer, everything is fresh. I am alone in the center. Of course, I died very soon.
If there is no stucked , I don’t think I will die in that moment with my team.