Game has been out 20yrs and they can't give us Plague?

Like literally 20 years and rather instead of giving Priest a 4th spec called Plague spec where we get to do Wrathgate type stuff, blizzard just gives us a jar jar looking osterich class…

We could literally be Apothecary Plague weilders… Putress himself could have been revived in secret and taught a class to Spriests. LIKE ISNT THIS A LORE BONANZA WE COULD HAVE HAD!!!

They could have has some pretty sweet abilities and spells revolving around the plague and it’s effects and the Class itself could be immune, and like the apothecary that like buff slimes in shadowlands could have a part too and we could have pet slimes. I swear to gawd even theorycrafting this is getting me so hyped and excited i need to stop.

I’m not even getting paid for these awesome ideas. Like seriously, how am i not the class lead for priests at this point, i’m literally one of the most experienced priests in this game and thinking of stuff like this is natural to me.

"Death to the Scourge! And death to the living!”

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Doesn’t really seem like a priest spec.

I’d be down for a combat alchemist class tho.