Game Hangs up

The game hangs up for brief periods. I am unable to preform any type of action besides movement. I cannot use abilities, I cannot interact with the environment. I can however, loot bodies.
A relog will correct this, or about 10-15 minutes of waiting
My fps is 60
Ms is around 22 mostly
High end PC & internet

/reload ui does not work, I have tried disabling all mods, as well as cleaning the cache folder. I am still presented with this problem
I can play most of the time without interference, but sometimes this issue is constant. And makes multiplayer events impossible


This issue is back with a vengeance today.

Was happening a lot at launch but has been pretty good for the last week.

There seems to be a correlation between having firefox open and the hang, very strong correlation with firefox open to a playing or played youtube video.

Which has been annoying because I can’t have podcast running in the background while playing.

Saddly this is not causing my issue. I am using chrome. The issue described will happen with a window open, and closed

Please follow the steps at the top of the forum:

As stated. High end PC, No latency in internet.

But submitted regardless. Their response via ticket will be to make a post on the forums


You can provide both reports here for people to look over.