Future of the Forsaken?

The Horde Quest “The Hidden Need”.

I just finished the quest and was baffled. I know that Blizzard likes dropping subtle hints about upcoming expansion features (or even 2 expansions ahead). The fact that these undead go with Arthas’ older sister is quite interesting.

Are they setting up a chance for the Alliance to have their own race of Undead/Forsaken? Or, are we seeing a potential new hero class - Dark Ranger? I think the majority of them were former rangers, if I remember correctly. What is the significance that it’s the daughter of King Menethil (and older brother to Arthas)?

This quest seemed out of place when I finished it, like there is a lot more story to be told afterwards (and given the entire storyline involving Derek Proudmoore, I could see something like an Undead Alliance race). Any thoughts on this?

The background for what’s going on with Calia is in the Before the Storm novel. (She’s also in the Priest order hall in Leigon, although she doesn’t do too much — she ends up one of the players followers.)

As for what it means for the future, who knows. There is speculation that she will replace Slyvanas as the leader of the Undead faction, but as you can imagine, that’s a pretty controversial idea. (But one that is hinted of in Before the Storm — remember Calia is the heir to the Lorderon throne, and most of the undead are former Lorderon citizens.)

That’s a good speculation, too. I didn’t think about that. Lilian Voss obviously trusts her (and Lilian has become the Forsaken’s mouthpiece).

In the quest “Warchief of the Horde”, Overlord Geya’rah asks Lilian, “I see no crown upon your head. Are you the new queen they seek?”.

Lilian answers, “No. I’ll speak on my people’s behalf, but I won’t rule them. There is another I believe will prove better suited to that task… when the time is right.”

If it were to be true, I like the synergy. Derek Proudmoore is an undead/forsaken among the living Alliance. Calia Menethil is a living human among the undead/Forsaken.

Hmm… you probably should look into Before the Storm.


Spoilers Calia is undead.