Future of Orgrimmar

(Fortuna) #6

Knock out the eastern canyon walls, open up a path to the sea. New residential districts, crafting area, party beach. Maybe a goblin casino overlooking the water.


ooh we could have a new dive bar


A bef Narcissist room would be nice too

(Fenshire) #9

Our true Warchief remodeled Orgrimmar into the great city it is today. There is no reason to change it any further. We have cleaned up the goblin’s mess of an area, and now it is perfect.

Stormwind continues to make monuments to their fallen heroes. Soon, it shall be nothing more than an elaborate cemetery for the Alliance’s dead.

(Evilbadguy) #10

Going from this massive gold troll city which looks amazing with all the plants and water etc…and then taking the portal to Orgrimmar into a low res dirthole with spikes is actually hilarious.


Only thing that really bothers me about Stormwind and Orgrimmar is that they don’t reflect any of the melting pot of races other than Humans and Orcs respectively. With Stormwind partially destroyed by Deathwing and Orgrimmar having been besieged, I’d hoped that there would be a bit of a redesign to incorporate different styles of architecture.

For its time, I think Oblivion did a good job with this, as cities like Bruma had very clear Nord architectural influences, while Bravil clearly made use of some Argonian ones.

(Tarc) #12

Only if they hire BEs to make it pretty. Orcs are rather limited.

(Piddy) #13

I seem to recall a Tauren enclave in Orgrimmar. I recall having my hearth set there back in Cata.

The trolls also have a little area I think.

Stormwind doesn’t have anything, except a homeless camp for Elves, I think. Even the Dwarven District isn’t very Dwarven. I think instead, it’s a ghetto. But there is a big tube that will take you to the bastion of Dwarf architecture.


Well yes, but not quite what I mean. There are structures that individually reflect the styles of various races – but there are none that fuse those various styles. Surely the Orcs aren’t the pinnacle of building design amongst the Horde.

I would think that combining Blood Elven stability and craftsmanship with Goblin ingenuity and Orc grit would produce some truly fantastic structures.

Instead, most everything is either a hut, or an impractical spiky monstrosity.

(Piddy) #15

I dunno. I can see them asking the BE’s “We’d like you to build one of your glorious spires in Org, but can you add some, say, tusks and animal hide drapes to it?”

To wit the BEs would look at the design, look at the dirt roads, dust covered canyons, and…the smells…, think of Evensong Woods, and say “Uh. No. How about we place a one way teleporter back to Silvermoon so we can get out of here just that much faster.”


The cleft of shadows should become the new home of the undead and the allied races should have a few of their vendors and buildings throughout the city. You could easily throw a few zandalari into the troll district and a few High Mountain into the tauren section and then spread nightborne evenly and you would have a truly Mixed horde Capital.


Stormwind does this without sacrificing the city’s identity as a Human Kingdom. The Dwarven District incorporates a lot of Dwarven and Gnomish elements to it as well as it’s citizenry. The old Park District has Night Elven touches to it such as street lamps that were made of living wood. The Mage District has a low-que High Elven touch as well.


I don’t really think that’s true, to be honest with you. There are NPCs in that area and general theming (Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Mining trainers, for example) that hint at Dwarven and Gnomish influence, but the structures themselves are purely human in their design.

Even if the buildings themselves were of human architecture above ground, I’d expect to see a bunker built into the basement, or a transporter to an upper floor rather than a flight of stairs, that sort of thing.

I view it as a missed opportunity, really.


I was really thinking that they could open the back mountain into Azshara and really expand out-word. Not much of a woodland anymore but at least it’s not barren desert like Durotar is.

(Beli) #20

I do get what you mean. I’ve felt that way about the gnomes in Ironforge. They have this small section, which was fine back when we had this dream they’d reclaim Gnomeregan and gain their own capital city back. Gnome influence on Ironforge is way overdue. They need to expand beyond that hallway they inhabit and upgrade Ironforge with their technological marvels. (Stormwind is fine. They’ve had their time to upgrade.)

I totally think that goblin influence in Orgrimmar is unavoidable. There needs to be a gambling room – a casino or underground area with robot fights to bet on. Embrace the corruption! =p

(Belitt) #21

A Starbucks on every corner and electric car charging stations outside the Embassy.


You know, I kind of don’t think that packing a bunch of Goblins in an underground area full of deathbots potentially armed with explosives is a good plan.

Let’s, uhh… let’s move that outside of the city gates.

(Zimos) #23

I agree, I’d like Orgimmar to reflect all races we recruited.

And every time we recruit a new one add on to it.

(Hankypanky) #24

I was actually surprised Sylvanas didn’t do some redecorating.

(Glacios) #25

With all that goblin technology that garrosh gave to Iron Horde, the current Ogrimmar should looks like Hellfire citadel (without the fel corruption, obviously) or Black Rock Foundry. Industrialized but keeping the savage style of the horde.