Futa's Fight Night!

Greetings ED, I bring news of an event cresting the horizon! On July 1st, 7pm CST I am hosting a 1v1v1 Tourney. Standard bracket play, single elimination. Each team will consist of only guildmates. Only DPS specs, with an “Extended duel environment”, where as soon as the duel finishes, the second team member of the losing team continues the fight where it was left off; no waiting in between, thus creating an environment where choosing the order will matter. Now for the prize pool. 3 people per team so how about a token per player(Paid for by ED’s own “The Guard”)! Sounds like a good enough purse to reel in these ED guilds and bring their best players out to represent them. If interested, feel free to comment or let me or Llu know to start filling the bracket out, as we may need to cut off registration if too many guilds apply for time’s sake. Still would like a commentator/Master of Ceremony if anyone will be available that night. Also, whilst discussing amongst my peers, we would like open up any donations, in order to generate a purse for 2nd and possibly 3rd place teams. Venue will be chosen closer to event day. Very excited to see the turn out ladies and gents! Any questions feel free to ask!


The 1v1v1 style of fight is exactly the same as “Lost Ark’s” 3v3 -1v1’s.