Fuse Heartseeker with Skeram

Skerem is literally 98% Horde as in like 2 people in SW and IF at any given time and one surviving guild and from what it seems this server is in the same situation but reversed. Why not fuse the two servers?

Merging Skeram/Heartseeker would be ideal for population balance. If merging means a lengthy server queue that wouldn’t be fun. It doesn’t matter though because Blizzard wants their $25 per player.


Balanced server = Horde dominated server.

I rolled here specifically to be outnumbered. It’s one of the few places you can play Horde and have wPvP still be fun. And it’s one of the few places you can play Alliance and actually win spawns in wPvP. You merge the servers and it’s Alliance getting owned all day long unless Gaia feels like leaving Ironforge to come help you.

Horde needs pop help, but I don’t want a merge that will completely ruin the dynamic of the server.

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Skeram Horde side is super toxic. Trust me, as someone who knows people who had to reroll off Skeram and xferred off themselves, you don’t want that.


We don’t want onslaught on our server.


rofl why? You like being on a PVE realm? I really don’t get that. I assumed people rolled on a PvP realm to actually see the opposite faction.

I miss Heartseeker. It’s depressing as hell to get on here as horde now. I was /whoing 60 “Class” and noticed how few 60s are around now as horde. And the ones that are left are literally all in the same guild. Because there’s not enough players for multiple guilds lmao

But yeah Blizz isn’t going to merge anything. They’d rather keep making money from transfers. This realm will eventually have no horde left when the last remaining guild can no longer raid.

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Some of these Alliance do, some have transferred in specifically for that reason. And some still like to camp levelers or camp MC/ONY/BWL.
But that seems to have changed somewhat, with AQ on the Horizon. But if it doesn’t Alliance can level all their own Horde to do the turn in or wait several months for Blizzard to open the gates, imo Blizzard should not open the gates if players don’t commit to achieving the war effort.

no. In all my other realms Horde’s are dominant. Its boring. So here is one of the few realms where Allied are dominant. So what, there still aren’t many allied here, there’s lots of room. Why the hell would you want Blizzard to “balance” this realm where $25 will move your main to whatever server balance you want. Silithus, prime time, ya very little room. Every other realm, every other time, a Horde can solo game (with admittedly very regular world pvp).