Fury Whirlwind spreading

Why can’t Whirlwind actually spread every Warrior attack? Like melee AA’s while it’s up, or Pummel (AoE kick would be f*ing awesome), Storm Bolt would be a bit of a strech cause it would be OP (and it’s not a melee attack) but other classes have something like this too so… I don’t see why not.

Because we don’t need buffs to already great aoe just to validate them gutting single target even more?


I wish that we had three or four charges of it baseline.

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I mean, having good AoE it’s not a reason to gut Single Target damage of any class or spec (just look at Locks, Hunters and DK’s), Blizzard’s just not in a Warrior vibe lately.

But let’s suppose that the increase damage would be a reason to nerf our ST even more: just take away the AoE AA and all that is left is utility, which warrior’s lacking a LOT lately.

I’m down for not being at the top of the dps charts all the time, but it’s just bad design the fact that we don’t deal enough damage to be more desirable and provide less utility than the same classes that deals more damage than us (both AoE and Single Target btw).

If we can’t give them more useful resources, at least give us damage. If we can’t be top dps, give us utility instead. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

We can take Meat Cleaver but yeah, it should be baseline at this point.


If you’re looking for more utility you’re very much over engineering it… Blizzard 100% would not be able to balance the extra cleave.

Imo this could just be solved by giving shockwave back, or making storm bolt baseline and having shockwave replace it.

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Revert meatcleaver to 4 as it was in cata and after.

I would like prot to also have meatclever given how the current iteration is severly underperforming.

I’m fine with that too, just thought abt something different for us

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for more change than this, but this expansion really drove it home how incapable of even bare minimum balancing blizzard is, let alone creative changes.