Fury warrior neglected so hard it will be bad

Blizzard what is going on here?

Every other spec is getting buffs over and over and over again to try to compete with the top end specs. WW monk has seen 60% buffs in just a few weeks.

Fury is forgotten. A day 1 nerf for absolutely no reason. AND IT WAS A MASSIVE NERF. Then you see survival and destros doing 30k overall and you hit them with a wet napkin so they only do 29.999k overall. DK gets a much needed nerf and you immediately revert it and hit them with warm air instead.

This is honestly BS. Fury is becoming garbage, and I’m sure by 10.0 will be completely dead, last place spec. Again. As if we werent already that for most of shadowlands.


The pvp nerfs to fury is just salt for our wounds I mean to see a spike in fury pvp participation from one patch to another just to get nerfed like this spells out doom.

Instead of fixing the issues that leaded to mass armsexit into fury pvp hey lets nerf it down.

Yes im salty arms is still a dumpster fire and we have a talent that is equivalent to knowingy sticking an arro in ones own knee ie defensive stance.

Lets change it to knee stance or Achilles stance at this point

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Blizzard balance team is so bad they’re probably like “oh yeah lets buff tank threat… that’ll give fury more dam right hehehehe”


Idk if its just me but threat issues seemend to concentrate along class lines and this seems like a blanket nerf.

Nothing wrong with challenges that induce plans of action including holding on the opener…idk thats just me

Fury is already OP af. I don’t know what you are complaining about.


I honestly have no idea how they didn’t nerf crushing blow damage and slaughterhouse

at this point hitting slaughter house and knocking it down to 30% would be like at minimum for making fury less abrasive imo

OPness aside, it’s one fun spec. Quick to act, simple to understand. It’s one I’m considering as an alternative (re: bit bored with the DH).

Even though we’re decent at Mythic plus, to be constantly neglected in raids hurts. Blizz are happy to over nerf Fury pre patch easily, but won’t correct it even after months of data.


And you elaborate on what “neglected” means to you in this sentence here?

If you want to play at high lvl, 25+ keys you need to reroll.
Warrior is dead