Fury Warrior LF Guild

Hello Everyone,
I am a 213 Ilvl Fury Warrior looking for a heroic/Fresh Mythic Guild. I am 2/10 Mythic Progression. I am looking for Raiding Guild that I can call home for the rest of this patch and the following Raids. If interested you can contact me on discord. I am willing to Xfer Servers and faction change.

Times that I am free to raid: 7-12 CST
I can raid 2-3 times a week.

Discord: Killswitch#0275

Hey Rocksteady! I sent you a discord request, I’d love to chat!

Hi Rocksteady, faded gods in an aotc guild and are looking to expand our roaster for the up coming tier. Our raid time is Sunday 9-11est but we will be raiding Saturday and Sunday next tier at the same time. We cut the days down to avoid burnout. Many of us also run M+ through out the week as well and are always willing to help fellow guildies out. Feel free to message me on bnet if you’re at all curious. Bnet: zole#11213

<Results Might Vary> is a friendly, Semi-Hardcore raiding guild recruiting to fill spots on the core team immediately so we can push content come 9.1. Raid days are Sat & Sun 7-10pm CST. Currently 9/10H and looking for some strong DPS!! We have an active discord, play tons of other games together and do our best to make the guild a family environment. We want to be folks forever guild!

Outside of raid times we also love to do Mythic + Dungeons and push higher keys, Pvp. Tmog runs, and old content. We are just a group of goons looking to have fun, kill bosses, and get purples. So if this sounds like something you might be interested in? Hit us up! I’d love to chat!!

Guild & Server: (Alliance-US-Stormrage)

Raid Times & Days: Sat & Sun from 7pm to 10pm Central Time.

Current Progression: 10/10N, 9/10H

Recruitment Contacts:

Tonilyn - GM: Discord: Tonilyn#8643 BNet: Tonilyn#1112

Ana - Officer: Discord: Anathema Crowley#2439 BNet: Anomaly#11388

Requirements: Interested in Raiding with us? Please see below for what we’re looking for.

  • We’re looking for someone who has the drive to research, someone who wants to continuously improve and sharpen their skills.

  • We are looking for someone who can commit to our raid times as well. 7pm CST- 10pm CST Sat/Sundays.

  • As we are progression Heroic we ask our raiders to be above 195 Item Level.

  • Rank 25 Renown (For at least three conduit slots) We are flexible with this, as people have changed covenants to min max.

-Can Vibe with the crew.

!!You are not required to server transfer, but if you would like to that would be cool too!!

Needs: LF Some Strong DPS for Progression Team.

All Roles Welcome for Mythic+, Leveling, and Pvp!

Hi Rocksteady!

Disorientated is an AOTC focused Alliance guild on Stormrage. We’re 10/10H and are working on getting Sire rekills and getting him on farm status before 9.1 hits. Raids are Tues/Fri 8-11PM EST, outside of that people usually try to run M+ and we run an alt raid on the weekends.

Check out the linked post and add me on bnet or hop on our Discord to talk more!

Hey RockSteady! If you are still waiting on the right fit, I’d love for you to consider Dedicated and Medicated Gaming. I see you are horde currently, but if you are willing to consider alliance, we are a newly formed guild.

Here’s what our guild is working on, hopefully it appeals to you:


We are building up our roster for raiding. However, all our founding members have earned AoTC and plan to keep this going for 9.1. Although we are not quite ready to pull mythic, our core members have done mythic raiding last tier and we were 3/10. We do plan to push into mythic once the roster is full and the team is ready. Our raid times will be Sat/Sun 8-11pm EST. There is no spec requirement as we just want people to have fun playing what they love best. Our raid roster has DPS and Healing spots open if that interests you.


We also run M+ nearly every night. The current keys we run/push are 0-17+. Several of our members have earned KSM while playing with us. Our founding members all have KSM.


You also do not have to join our guild to play with us. If you want to feel us out as a community first, you are welcome to do this too.

If this sounds like a good fit, here’s our bnets and discord:




Meega #11302

Hey there! I sent you a discord request! looking forward to having a chat with you, Wally#7542