Fury Warrior can equip shields, but Prot Warriors can't dual wield. And current mog restrictions are anti-fun

This is stupid. I have to change specs and screw my bars up with a spec I don’t even play, just to equip two weapons for certain mogs (for roleplay, or whatever reason I want to wear the items). Prot warriors used to be able to duel wield. Come on Blizzard.

Another request because why not:
I have a cloth “Miner’s Hat of the Deep” on my Warrior. I wear it because it’s a rare item and I like the appearance. I don’t have the mog unlocked, and I can’t mog the item, despite it being owned and equippable. This is another stupid mog restriction. This is the sorta stubborn restrictions that old blizzard loved to impose. Maybe Daddy Microsoft can give us the freedom we deserve? Please remove the obstacles in place from me dressing my character how I want. There is no point. We have toys that make us naked. We can take on any appearance. Honestly all mogs should be unlockable and usable by all classes. Just get it over with.

Are we talking 2h dual wield or 1h dual wield?

prot warrior can’t even dual wield 1 handers anymore without switching to fury

But you only need it for roleplay purposes?

It is for roleplay, but also, but also because i like dressing up my character. Maybe that sounds stupid to some people. i try on different mogs, and equip different weapons at different times for different reasons. i don’t see how preventing prot warriors from dual wielding is useful. The other specs can use shields afterall. i’m advocating for less limitations.

Its not stupid.

This is completely valid.

Also, dual wielding as a prot warrior is completely valid. Mechanically speaking, the unpruning was supposed to make all warriors able to tank or dps. Instead it made prot warriors share their uniqueness with the other specs, but the devs are still stuck on making sure prot warriors can never be annoying in pvp, like glad spec did.