Fury Warrior Build with No Rage Spender

It feels weird to have no base-line rage spender on Warr, as Fury if you take Imp Execute it generates instead leaving only 1 ability in both trees - Rampage that would ever consume rage, I guess it’s just like, what’s the point of Rage anymore if you can easily build to never use it, imo Rampage should be a baseline ability so you always have a spender.

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Rampage should be free/baseline as fury and execute should not generate rage, that talent needs to be removed. 35% or lower HP, damage goes up the more rage you have until 45 rage or so, done.

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I haven’t levelled a new character, I might try that out and see what it feels like. IIRC, Rampage can’t be learned until level 25 or 27. Improved Execute can be learned at level 15. It would effectively create a hole where you can’t even use Rage. Even if Execute is your only Rage spender, it’s … well, Execute, so depending on when you have Raging Blow crits or whatever, you could end up not being able to reliably spend Rage until you hit level 27 which’d just feel really odd.

You’re supposed to use slam which feels horrible.

Oh yeah, Slam. I forgot Fury still learns it.