Fury of the Skies question

So I’m trying to understand this conduit. From what I’ve read on wowhead it sounds like by applying both moon/sunfire on a target my star surge damage is supposed to double dip on the increase, meaning that the 1.4% I get (ilvl 200) would be doubled. But when I try it out on a dungeoneer’s training dummy, I don’t see the tooltip updating with any additional benefit by having both dots on the target. I wonder if it’s just being misinterpreted, and implying that if you have EITHER of the dots up you get a 1.4% increase, but not double that if both dots are up?

Follow up question: Sometimes on the training dummy I don’t even see the starsurge tooltip update with damage when I have either of the dots applied after I’ve gone out of combat and then back in. Not sure if this is a bug, just a tooltip error, or there’s something I’m not quite getting about this conduit.

Pretty sure it’s calculated on hit so the tooltip won’t reflect the damage change. Look at the actual damage starsurge is dealing with and without dots.

Astral damage (starsurge/starfall) get the benefit of both arcane and nature damage bonuses.

So that conduit is so popular because at 1.4% you’re getting a 2.8% buff to your astral damage. Which is big during CA/Convoke, but just generally solid all the time. Astral damage generally makes up about 50-60% of our damage in a dungeon.

If it’s on hit then that would make sense. It’s hard for me to tell just by testing on the training dummies since there’s variance anyway with the amount of damage a spell hits for (I forgot what they said, something like +/- 5%???). I just wanted to be clear on whether this was an AND or an OR situation with respect to how the bonus works. Sounds like it’s AND. Thanks.