Fury of Stormrage not working as intended?

Sorry if this has been known or if it should have been in a bug report section.

I just hit 40 on my boomy and noticed that instant cast healing touch procs do in fact take me out of moonkin form when I use them despite the change and tooltip saying that it’s castable in any form.

Can anyone echo this?

I haven’t used it much, but I’m pretty sure I recall it working the one or two times I’ve had to.
Will have to double check.

My other spells are definitely working correctly ie MotW, Remove Curse, Abolish Poison etc.

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Same with survival instincts takes me out of whatever form I’m in sometimes.

Secondary effects of runes patched in later not working are a bug that other players likely wont experience. Theres a fix.

Take off all your gear, put it back on. Fixed.

What about those are working exactly? I’m confused. Those are not usable in form nor are supposed to be, right?

Ah just a gear thing can fix it huh? I’ve had that thought that it may be something like that or perhaps since I just dinged maybe I needed to log out and back in or something. Of course neither should have to be done but I’ll try this the next time I’m able to play in a few days, thank you.

I haven’t noticed this at all… will test in some bgs later

I’ve definitely witnessed boomies healing in form.

Its an uncommon rune based issue. Not many people experience it.

They used to be unusable in form, but with the change alongside the Fury of Stormrage one they became castable in Moonkin form.

From the Feb 27th patch notes.

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The 12% proc is super low. You might push Wrath twice out of every 6 buttons depending on other procs.

If I get to a point where I can spam it or have no choice such as being oom in PvP, then it might proc.

uh oh somebody can’t read

I did misread it. I’ve never had an issue with the proc knocking me out of Boomkin form. I will say though it rarely procs so I don’t get much opportunity to use it.

Hey man, exactly what do I need to do to fix this bug? I’ve removed my gear and put it back on and logged and all that stuff and it still happens. Wicked annoying.

Add changing the runes around on the pieces if gear to your troubleshooting. Include doing it while the gear is on, and off.

I figured it out. I used a macro so one button was healing touch and regrowth that altered with “shift.” It did not like this.

Separated the buttons and all is well.