Fury Kyrian vs Venthyr

Which is better for mythic+ and which do you think is more fun?
Also, can someone explain Condemn? I assume it’s meant to replace execute but since you can still use it I’m unsure if that’s right.

Kyrian is better, unless you group needs a Venthyr and no one else is viable for it.

Condemn does replace Execute, and it’s more powerful. You can use it 100-80%, and then 35-0% with Massacre talented (which you should be if you’re Venthyr).

I pushed my KSC as my group’s Venthyr, before a lot of power creep and gear upgrades (and well before my CE). That being said, Kyrian is regarded as better (though still behind NF) and has the option of running Elysian Might–a consistent legendary compared to Signet of Tormented Kings. Personally, I think the Kyrian soulbinds are mega dog crap, and Nadjia is super bae.

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Is NF a good bit stronger than Kyrian?

Kyrian is regarded as pretty close, but I would personally choose Night Fae between the two, unless you really want/like Phial–and it is definitely quite valuable. Soulshape is pretty unimportant in M+ compared to Phial, but Night Fae gets First Strike from Korayn. There’s tradeoffs, and both of their abilities require mobs to stay in place (in particular, Elysian Might requires you to stay in place) to maximize value.

Kyrian will synchronize Spear of Bastion’s cooldown with Fury’s better than Night Fae (Mikanikos), so there’s that. Whether a full cooldown sync is a better or worse option will vary group to group. My last comp was with an Affliction Warlock and Elemental Shaman, so I focused more on single target (being the Venthyr anyway).

If you have the option to try out both go for it. A lot of people really like Spear, and even Elysian Might, but you’re not gimping yourself if you opt to still use Signet.

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Would you suggest ven for m+? I only pug if that matters.
Thanks you’re really helpful too.

The thing to remember with Venthyr in M+ is to tab target to mobs that are in the 0-35% & 80-100% range so you get more Whirlwind AE condemns off. It can be immensely fun.


It’s fine, even for pretty high keys. I cleared up to 21s on some before my group quit for the season (two ended up quitting the game, and the other is on break).


For M+ you should have all Covs maxed out anyway and swap to whatever the group needs for the Dungeon perks if they need you to. All of them are close enough that it doesn’t matter. Necrolord is the only oddball for the same reason IQD is for Warriors, and you’d be waiting for other people to tell you when to use your Banner.

The problem with Venthyr is target cap and its Conduit is trash while all the other Covenant Conduits provide huge bonuses. Condem’s value also gets less the faster mobs get pushed out of Execute range, while other Covenants become more desirable. For Sylvanas, the entirety of Phase 3 you can’t execute her (without Sudden Death) so any ability that requires execute range is useless against her. Last boss of Sanguine Depths also has this issue by punishing you for rolling Venthyr in a Venthyr-themed dungeon when it really matters.

I wan to go back to Venthyr, but there’s just no reason to this late into 9.1 after all the buffs and nerfs. For 9.2 it isn’t looking any better outside of double legendary. I haven’t checked the new raid bosses (its subject to change anyway), but if any of them exist outside of Execute range then there’s no reason to waste time with Venthyr. Are you really going to waste everyone’s time rerolling for one boss when you could just play a different covenant that sims close enough?