Fury is Fundamentally Bad

When you have to choose between your Big Dam or your Big Shield :face_vomiting:

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fury can stay down


Unpopular opinion but there shouldn’t be a pvp spec and a pve spec for any class.

Justice for fury unholy!


there should be one for every class

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Just don’t make Ignore Pain cost a billion rage for Fury





228 ILVL


60Orc Fury Warrior


Bleeding Hollow

EXPOSED!!! Merfy secretly loves fury in pvp

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it’ll be a cold day in hell before i do daily quests as arms thel


Won’t need to use ignore pain if you doing big stick damage

Best defence is a good offence

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the condemn mission statement


I prefer dailies as arms over fury. Big condemns. And second wind heals me faster between pulls. Unpopular opinion ik.

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The game would probably be a lot better if this just was the case as it (sort of) used to be.
I think back to the days of Disc being the priest healer PvP spec, Frost being the mage PvP spec, Arms Warriors, etc.

Seemed to help a lot with spec identity and design, TBH.

Of course, harder to do with hybrids… But among the pure DPS it seemed to work out pretty well.

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Yeah that’s great until the spec you actually enjoy is terrible for the content you want to do and the answer is just que frost dk bro but it’s a completely different class


Seems like one of those ‘greater good’ things… But there’s a case to be made on either side, obviously. Specs like Fury and BM hunter just do not belong in PvP.

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It’s easily fixable issues with pvp only interactions but that requires a dev team that cares


Unfortunately, yes.


A few years ago I’d agree with this statement. However, I think BM should become the “pvp spec”. They’ve proven to be to inept with Marksmanship tuning and design in pvp. Let it be good in pve, and just develop BM for pvp at this point. Seems like it easier to make hunters viable (op) with BM these days.

Good god no

Much rather see SV as the PvP spec, TBH.
Seems to be much more achievable than MM and much more healthy for the game than BM.

BM is so disgustingly degenerate it makes me want to leave mid match every time I have a pair of pets on me that I can’t hex or sheep because for some f#@!ing reason they’re undead, while their hunter runs around like an idiot completely unpunishable by anything other than like 3 melee specs doing more single target damage than people actually putting themselves in harms way, with an MS effect.

Any spec that gets completely carried by pets should be a PvE spec and only a PvE spec. Change my mind.


using a dmg resource on healing isn’t an inherently bad thing and lots of classes currently do this

im sure fury is awful but this isnt the right argument

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TBH when I read the OP I thought he was actually talking about Rets…
I didn’t even know Fury had the option to choose; I thought it was still (as the last time I looked at Fury) “more zugthirst = more dam = also more heal. BFA DH peak class design ook ook”

It’s not a choice, without their big 80 rage spender they’re useless, so it’s just zug zug till the wheels fall off