Fury for casual PvP?

I’m talking like random BGs, duels, getting into scuffles in wPvP.

Does fury do enough damage and have enough self-healing to excel in these situations? I know most people are rolling Arms, but idk if that’s just for arena/shuffle or not.

I enjoy Fury a lot personally still.


Arms is stronger, but Fury is more than fine for what you are wanting.

Decent all around. It just doesn’t have that pop to kill fast like Arms does.

Roll ret. Be as casual as you like and still destroy everyone who isn’t ret.

Fury like Arms is very dependent upon support in order to succeed beyond the easy kills.

Make sure to take the Second Wind (or whatever the name) talent in the class tree that regens health when not being attacked. It’s not valuable in Arena but quite good in content where you can have significant downtime between fights and no healers.

Feels like this is time sensitive.


By fury you mean ret paladin? Then yes. Go ret

The only class I cannot seem to beat on fury is arms warriors lol

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Ret is still silly strong, I stand by my earlier suggestion.

As a fury warrior, If you dont have a pocket you’re pretty much gonna die, even more so in this caster/ranged meta. But you have really really good pressure when pocketed.

yeah fury works just fine for any form of content that doesn’t have dampening. its not even that bad in arenas either.