Further Onyxia Raid Testing -- November 4

Tomorrow, November 4, we’re going to open Onyxia’s Lair for further raid testing at 2:00 p.m. PDT (5:00 p.m. EDT). We came out of last week’s test with the desire to make a few more tweaks to that encounter.

Please join us. We’ll leave the test open for 24 hours.

Thank you!

  • After further inspection that Onyxia is a girl and in the encounter she is naked, she has been replaced with a bowl of fruit.

Blizzard. What’s up with the random short notice Thursday raids… Release this stuff on the weekend when more people can test. My guild and I have been clearing Mc and ony for you guys each week, Ony definitely was bugged and needed another test but these Thursday raids are difficult to coordinate.

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Not really short notice when this has been the exact day raid testing has happened. You may be new to the forums…but every wednesday evening (until 8ish PM ET) has been the update and then raids open 2pm PDT Thursday. Been like this for a few weeks now.

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They are never going to do it over a weekend. They need people in the office to monitor the testing and to make changes if necessary.

They aren’t likely to sacrifice their weekend to do so.

Can we get a yes or not to the rebalance for specs?


No. They wont. Maybe next season

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lol. wasnt asking you,


It’s obvious they wont rebalance specs, as that would take to much time to fix before release :slight_smile: Just telling you, they will obviously not rebalance specs this season.

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again. Not asking you. I just want a official yes or no instead of silences while they are going to make the same game over again lol.


It’s not the same, as they change up the endgame and leveling :slight_smile:

Get your entitled self over there and sit down.
It’s an official no.

Thanks for not just leaving it open. I like the idea that we wont have every number solved going into the modified raids.

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No, we just don’t care what you think about how Blizzard “works this game anymore.”

Ok. I will try again sorry for the miss spelling and other problems with my typing. Had a stroke when i was younger so I stuggle sometimes. I just want a real reply from a blizzard. Not from players but employees. Are we just going to let the game be the same as classic era were it will be 1 sided and just have a differnt single class that is way ahead then any other class. The team who working on raids has been doing a great job but we need more then just tuning on raids. This is not a fresh classic guys its a new version of the game. GG any trolls I dont care what you say. Take your best shot you can only make me laugh.

There is literally 0 chance any classes or specs are retuned before this SoM launches in fewer than two weeks. You will never get an official response to this question because it is an entirely unreasonable one to be asking.


Issue is they wanna check it and tweak it next day not wait till Monday.

Yep, extremely low chance of any changes and definitely no class balancing this close to launch. We are good to go (for better or worse) for launch.

Let’s goooooooooooooooooooo

so no other changes this week