Furor change, just delete it now

Rip an interesting synergy for druid shapeshifting play style, and for Resto specifically fixed a major issue we had which was mana starvation.

Just delete the talent.


Ya whoever could have guessed a talent that let boomkins spam astral spells endlessly and give resto unlimited mana would get removed.


The replacement capstone is hot garbage. I really hope they just didn’t spend any time on it at all because they knew they had a general tree re-work in the pipeline.

We already have really incredibly terrible capstones. But the new one would somehow be even worse. I wouldn’t even take it in the mid-tier.


It was a dead talent for feral and guardian and created degenerative gameplay for resto and balance. It had to go or be changed.

What it was changed to though…eeeeeeee


as I said several times, but people preferred an unnecessary rework to a talent that was good for two specs. easily was to move it to the top and then put in a real new talent for feral and guardian druid. now it’s very bad

I like it maybe just give it a cooldown. Its going to make resto in pvp super fun.

Maybe put it on the resto tree and move convoke the spirits in its place… every spec has convoke it might as well be on the class tree

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But if you put it in the feral/tank tree, you hurt boomy and rdruid directly. It would also lose the cooldown reduction buff.

I think it’s more likely that they spent no time on it because the talent was very obviously scuffed and they had to find a replacement immediately.

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Even they make that to let you only have 5s free casting every 30s is better than just delete it. That was a super cool play style, it’s a shame they just delete such a good idea.

When I first saw this talent in beta last night, I was a bit excited. On feral it had some potential, other than forcing me to spec to get moonfire for cat form.

Then I went about testing it.

  1. Guardian, its all but worthless. It doesn’t count FR or Ysera healing to the bonus of Moonfire as far as I could tell. And since I can’t cast regrowth without taking a talent that opposes ursoc (which is just too good to not take), it seems useless. Maybe, just maybe if they pulled the regrowth talent out of the choice node with ursoc, it could be useful.

  2. Resto, it has some fun interplay since I can usually get bonuses up for both healing and DPS.

  3. LIke I said, potential if I go with lunar for moonfires in kitty form.

I think it would make a nice resto talent honestly, in the resto tree. The concept itself I like. Buffing healing from damaging, letting you get off a big regrowth after doing some DPS, and the buffing damage from healing. Just like so much with druid, its so close, its a good thought, but definitely needs work.


Yup this junk is getting annoying with druid, especially if you are a bear player.

This talent could easily go into the rdruid tree and replace “Nourish”, until then… I don’t tell you how to make the most of it (unless you play boomy). Since you power moonfire and this is very useful for tyrannical or bosses (but not for trash).

Furor wont be missed for cats or bear, a mostly useless capstone.

Resto and Boomies are sad cause the talent was OP for them.

So long…no one will remenber you!

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IDK speak yourself, It was super fun playing it on resto druid. Amazingly fun in pvp…

Now they changed it so its a completely useless talent

Well when all 3 capstones are garbage for Guardian, I’m glad others are salty over the change because frankly they need to actually treat Druid like it has 4 specs rather than 2.

Balance druids shouldn’t be sad about furor. Furor was broken, and it never would’ve gone live that way. And whatever change they would’ve made to it would’ve made it either annoying to use or as useless as it was for the other classes.

The new talent is also useless, but I have hopes its because they just didn’t want to think about it when they are reworking the tree anyway.

I would of prefer if the brought Lycara leggo instead. Every 45sec cast 1 spell according to the shape you have.

That new thing is kinda meh. And its only linked to regrowth. Make it linked to a dps spell too so player can choose on what to use it


The problem is that in theory we have that, but as stats. If they put it in…they would have to rework the talent that gives 2/4/6% secondary stats and is very important for various specs.

Just because it has the Word “Lycara” in it doesn’t mean its the same thing dude. One is called Lycara’s Teachings the other is Lycara’s Fleeting Glimpse. Stop trying to jump through hoops over non issues. They would just change the name of one of talents if they wanted. They wouldnt rework an entire talent because of a name similarity.

They could do it, but they didn’t do it with “Furor”. Since many wanted them to only change the effect and literally changed the entire talent (it may have been for another reason). Anyway, if they were going to put it they should do it in a decent place and if it is in the final part of the Druid’s left, it would be best to reduce the instincts talent to 1 so that it doesn’t get lost as much.