Full Murloc Inviting more to join our pond!


Welcome to Full Murloc! Mrglgrlgrlgrl!

We’re a Community driven guild, with an adult mindset, that is always looking for new people to join our little pond, and have fun together. Seeking a new home? Then we just may be the place for you!

We’re a guild that focuses on the social aspect of the game, as well as having fun achieving AOTC every tier. New to the game or veteran, we consider everyone! Full Murloc always has people willing to help answer questions, run dungeons, hang out to chat, and more.

Some of what we offer:

Passionate Players who love the game just as much as you do.

We’re no strangers to hosting a variety of Unique Events. In the past we done the following: hide and seek, treasure hunts, secret solving, costume (transmog) competitions, trivia night,other online games, and etc. This is something we’d love to continue as a community and hope you will join us for all the great activities to come!

A casual weekend heroic raiding team, led by a Veteran Mythic Raider that brings his experience to help all of us succeed. Our raid team runs on Friday/Saturday from 8:30-11:30 PM EST (Zul’jin Server Time).

If you’re looking for more from your guild than just logging on and seeing some other names on the roster, then we may be the place for you! We pride ourselves on making every member feel as a part of the family that is Full Murloc, and we’d love to see you join us! Our officers work together, often going above and beyond, to make sure the guild runs smoothly. We will do our best to provide you with a fun environment, to make this game that we all enjoy together, the best it can be.

Interested? Feel free to contact one of our officers or look us up in game to get in touch!
Ahlu:- Parafuni (Ahlunia)#5578 (Discord) - Parafuni#1135 (Bnet)
Fury:- Fury#3259 (Discord) - Killerpox#1990 (Bnet)
Lay:- Laylreith#2043 (Discord)

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Bump for Full Murloc!

Got a Heroic CN run lined up for Friday and a fun guild/community event on Saturday!

Come on in, the water’s fine!

Mrglgrlgrlgrl! Come join us and have fun!

Bump! Still getting prepped for 9.1! Hide and Seek/Spotify Playlist contests this weekend along with Chill Heroic Castle on Friday! Doing all the stuff here in the pond.

Bump! Still recruiting and still having fun in Retail. Always wanting new friends to experience it with us!

Just this week we have a Heroic run on the Castle for Friday, a Skribblio night on Saturday, and a BG run planned on Sunday, in tandem with a playlist contest going until July about our favorite NPC, and a Hide and Seek game planned for later this month! Come on in, the water is perfect! Mrgrglgrglgrgl!


When’s the best time to reach our yo request an invite? :slight_smile:

Feel free to DM any one of us in discord at any time. We almost always have someone online in game that can chat with you in the evenings (sometimes earlier in the day too!). Sorry for the delayed response.

Still Looking as we get closer to 9.1! Guild/Raid Meeting on the 25th! Add us on the contact info provided!

Super fun hide and seek event this weekend! Come hang out with us and transition into 9.1!

Hide and Seek event tonight! Guild/Raid Meeting yesterday was awesome with a huge turnout! Come get involved with a veteran social community.

Bump for raid week!

It’s almost raid time! Come join us and have fun! Mrglgrlgrlglrglrlglglg!

Splish Splash, Murlocs in the pond are wanting you! hehe

Race through Tazavesh is this weekend! And, we’re making leaps and bounds through raid! Plus much much more planned! Come check us out!

Our Race through Tazavesh was a fun experience with multiple teams and viewers! Prizes given out and more fun events to come! Join a social/casual guild that actually tries.

Always recruiting for those needing a home in these trying times. We want to have fun while playing a game near and dear to our hearts. We support those standing up against distasteful acts and support those wanting to have a place away from it all. Join us today!

Need a home? Full Murloc may be the place for you! We strive to offer a safe place for all that wish to join. Come check us out today!

Chilling in discord daily, keys with guildies, transmog contest ongoing, heard the raid leader is quite handsome, come find out.