Full 1900 m+ group looking for late night raid team

my push group has decided that we would like to pick up raiding again our comp is
Would prefer a guild on stormrage but will consider transferring for the right guild feel free to contact me at tleem1996#1710 btag

Hi… Tactics-Zul’jin (Horde) 5/8 mythic is recruiting for 5+ more raiders committed to raid. We are a guild that has been raiding since Vanilla/BC with a solid core. We raid Tu-Thur 9:30pm -12:30 am EST. Sent you a btag request.

Hi, we would definitely be interested in speaking to you guys, I’ll send you an invite. Here is our info:

Pirate Chat is a 4/8 mythic guild on Stormrage that is currently building a strong roster for next tier. The goal of this guild is to make a semi-hardcore group of dedicated raiders looking to get progression done while maintaining a light hearted atmosphere.

Resto Shaman
Resto Druid
Holy Paladin

Ranged Dps preferred but any exceptional dps are welcome

Prot Paladin
Blood DK

Optional Alt/Heroic day- Monday 10PM-1AM EST

Our guild consists of older college students and working adults. We have an active discord community and are often running mythic keys or playing other games together.
If you are looking for a solid and active raiding guild with a mind set of having a good time and killing as many bosses as possible each tier in BFA, then add any of us on bnet and let’s chat!

Battle net ID:
Avalyne#1478 (Recruitment Officer, aka me)
Nyteblayde69#1643 (GM)
Trogdor#1234 (Dps officer)
Sloas71#1721 (Healing officer)

My raid teams! :slight_smile: Check us out.

Still looking

Hi Knightsbane, we are recruiting heavily for BFD in an effort to speed up our mythic push. We could definitely use a group around that could help maintain enthusiasm for mythic+ runs as well! I will drop our guild spam below, please add me if it sounds like a spot you’d enjoy!

<Praetorian Guard> Draenor-US

Progression: 4/8 Mythic

Raid Times: 5:00-9:00PM PST Sat/Sun

Needed: All positions possible in 8.1

Come join Praetorian Guard and get your daily dose of mythics, memes, and gay! We are a laid-back group of mildly obnoxious friends that have been raiding on Draenor-US for a little over 8 years now, and believe that a casual schedule shouldn’t mean a lack of effort. We expect our raiders to know their class/spec and be reasonably familiar with log analysis. You can find our logs at https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/346/. We are a very diverse group, with many LGBT members, and tolerate no discrimination or personal attacks. We are also a very female-friendly environment, with a gender-balanced roster and plenty of female leadership.

We hang out a lot outside of WoW, including FFXIV, Overwatch, League, and many other games, as well as a fairly active Slack and Discord. We also gather at Blizzcon each year, with this year expected to see nearly 20 of us in Anaheim for the week!

If all of this sounds interesting to you feel free to hit me up either here or in game at Ender#1733 or apply at http://caesarsfinest.enjin.com/

Still here boys

Right now we are looking to strengthen our ranks for the new Raid Tier coming up, and push even harder.

What we are looking for:

Ranged DPS, Flex Heals (dps with heal offspecs), and Heals

Our raid times are:9:30pm to 12:30am Server Time (PST), Friday & Saturday

If you are interested:Contact our Raid Lead, Däine (daine#0510)

All interested raiders need to fill out a quick questionnaire/application on our website. Our website is darknesswithinguild. enjin. com/

We can work on finding spots for all 5, and if you decide or think it might be a good fit. We might be able to work out something dealing with getting all of you transferred. So I did send your info to our recruitment officer and he should be reaching out shortly…or if you want you can talk with me on discord Joker#1423

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